Thursday, March 27, 2014

nice rack

Greetings, Spring Breakers!  I've been enjoying the week.  I've realized that it's a good thing that I had some homework to keep me from getting rusty.  Surprising how quickly that can happen.

It all balances, and I've enjoyed the time off.  Meego has been asking for a tablet for a while and wondering what he can do to earn one.  We thought it would be a handy thing for him to have, plus if we got some work out of him, all the better.

He did a few things around the house this week, and I rounded it out with having him solve some math problems - muahahaha.  He even agreed to throw in a haircut, so today, he and I went to the store to get his Nexus 7.  Once he got it home, he realized he couldn't get onto our WiFi without all of the secrets that Chaco built in .  Good thing Chaco lives nearby.

The weather's been decent, so I've managed to get in quality time with the bicycles for running a few errands.  Today I ran by the grocery store.  Check out the bike rack...

... if you can find it.


  1. You had me at "nice rack".

  2. I get the message - if you are cycling you are clearly not buying enough stuff to make you a worthwhile customer! :-)

    A friend of mine has a Nexus with a seperate keyboard - says it is the best thing ever!

    1. I bought $2.72 worth of bananas! What else I gotta do?!?

      I got a Nexus 7 after Chaco endorsed them whole heartedly. Love it!

  3. That is NOT a bicycle friendly grocery store!

    Glad you enjoyed your break in spite of the homework.

    I've been debating about a tablet. I've always said I had no desire for one. Then I traveled with my ginormous laptop. Now I've got the itch for something smaller. A friend/former coworker also got the Nexus 7 and was impressed. Definitely going to keep my eye on that one.

  4. You should write a book about the great way to bring up children and let them earn the things they want as opposed to just being given what they want. Gads. Your family is a wonderful example in the fading world of consequences and responsibility. I applaud you.

  5. Bike rack?
    I was advised by a parenting book not to equate allowance with chores. I didn't listen. It has worked well for us!

  6. Yea, I'm with guano - you had me at nice rack. I'd have to agree with Rock - the store doesn't seem too bike friendly.

  7. Do you use a bike lock? Next time, attach your bike to one of those carts. Maybe they'll get the message. :)

    I hope Meego is having fun with his new tablet!