Tuesday, March 4, 2014

join the movement!

Hmm... kinda dark in here, no?

I'm playing with the blog template for something unproductive to do.  I'm not even sure what this background is.  It was under "recreation".  Anyone?

Speaking of recreation, yesterday, a classmate asked if I ride my bike to school every day.  I told him I do except for when it's icy or super windy.  So he continued with the questions.  Where from?  How far?  What kind of bike?

He wants to start bicycle commuting too and, in fact,  just got a used mountain bike on the cheap, but he thought a road bike would be better for riding to school.  So naturally, I told him the easy solution was to add a road bike to the collection.  Obviously!

I wore short sleeves today, I just thought I'd report.  It's also forecast to snow tonight, but today... I wore short sleeves.  The tattoo and Alice got some fresh air.  Spring is around the corner!




terri said...

I like the new template! Something new and different. I like to play with mine periodically. Keeps things from getting stale.

I do believe spring is (slowly) on its way. Lucky you, being able to wear short sleeves for a change. I've pretty much sported a uniform of sweaters and various layers for the past several months. I'm looking forward to a change of wardrobe soon!

agg79 said...

You bikers and your tats. Always flaunting them on the road.
Just hold on, a couple more blizzards and spring will be on your doorstep.

Not sure about the background. Looks like football stadium lights. Illuminating.

Anonymous said...

I find comfort in keeping things the same - my meals, my morning routine, my blog template... I often think I should change things up a bit. Add some excitement. But I like comfortable. So I stay the same. *sigh*
But YOU are daring. You with your tattoo, and your bike, and your short sleeves during winter... You can change things up and not feel the least bit uneasy. I'm envious. ;)
I'm with Agg. They look like stadium lights.
And I love the cartoon! Only in Colorado....

Abby said...

It did feel a bit strange to be walking around with bare arms. Felt kinda naked!

Abby said...

Yes, tattoo season is nigh! And I think you're right about the background. Stadium lights. And here I thought I was being all astral.

Abby said...

I like to change things up every now and then, so my rut doesn't get too deep! I think this layout also has a bigger font? Not that I need that or anything!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Damn I'm jealous now. Not of the bike riding really, but the short sleeves. There wouldn't be much point in me having a tattoo on my arm here in the UK, I doubt anyone would ever see it. I do have a tat on my bum (hmm, I was young and foolish) and that doesn't get seen often either. :D

Anita said...

the cartoon... giggles :)

the promotion of biking - kudos!