Thursday, January 30, 2014

warm fuzzies

It's snowing in Georgia, but we're warm here!  About as warm as Georgia!

No problem though, because Clyde, the university mascot (Mountain Lions... rawr) was wandering around campus giving free SuperBowl hugs yesterday.

I didn't get one.  *waaaah*

But Wolfgang made the movie!  In fact, the only reason I noticed it was because Wolfgang made the screen shot of the movie:

Post by UCCS.

Anyway, it's good to know that the family is represented in these promo videos, after the load of tuition I dropped off earlier this week.

I notice that Clyde was mainly hugging the youngsters.  What are us old "non-traditionals"?  Chopped liver?  Hmmm, actually, a mountain lion would probably like some chopped liver...

And that Manning jersey.  Clyde could probably get a couple hundred bucks for it this week.  Next week?  Remains to be seen.

Who are you rooting for?  Do you care?


terri said...

Considering that more than half of your family is attending school there, the least the university can do is give you some publicity! Pretty cool for Wolfgang that he got a cameo!

I wasn't even really aware of WHEN the Superbowl would take place until this week. So I think it goes without saying that I don't have a favorite team. But I'll probably watch a little for the commercials.

agg79 said...

Ditto what Terri said. With over half your family on campus, it was only a matter of time before one of ya'll got on camera. Cool publicity. Is this a step up from Lumber?

Our team has been out of the running since September so I really don't have a dog in this hunt, but if I had to pick sides, I would be rooting for Manning and the Colts this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh those poor people in Georgia! I really feel bad for them. At least WE'RE used to it.
How cool that Wolfgang made the promo video! How about him? Does he have a thing for football? Whether or not he does, it's an exciting time to have your team in a big game, be it football or baseball.
Way back in my pre-hotel days, I was a big fan of football. I had my own fantasy team and would sit and watch football all day on Sunday rootin' my guys on. Three years in a row I had Peyton Manning as my quarter back. I'm not able to watch much football these days, but I'll be making a valiant effort this Sunday and will be rootin' for my old buddy.

Rock Chef said...

A great video!

Been a while since I followed football. Shame I used to enjoy it! I like the tactics.

Abby said...

Yeah, it's fun to see him in the video, but I could use a big furry hug!
The game is this weekend, Terri, if I'm not mistaken. Sunday I think...

Abby said...

Yes, I suppose the Lumber days were just preparation for college.

Guano said...

Beware the perv in the mascot suit; sometimes it's the guy looking for the easy cop-a-feel!

Rootin' for my roots on gameday (...secretly).

Abby said...

Yup, not making fun of the Georgians. What a mess!
Wolfgang says his roommates are total football geeks and have Sports Center on all. the. time. So he's interested in the game, but I think he's looking forward to the end of the season!

And you were a fantasy player? I have a few favorite players, but I don't really latch on to one team. I guess I want the Broncos to win only because people I have to deal with will be grumpy if they don't.

Abby said...

It does make for pretty good spectating. And there's usually lots of food around, which you would probably enjoy!

Abby said...

Why else do you think I was disappointed I missed him?

(I won't tell your secret if you don't tell mine)

Riot Kitty said...

I have someone coming by Sunday to pick something up, which she said she would do "after the Superbowl." I told her I didn't even know when it *started*, let alone ended.

Going for Indian food with a friend.

Rebecca S. said...

I feel like it is my duty, living just north of Seattle, to cheer for the Seahawks. However, I don't even really get the game of football which just seems like a giant game of keepaway to me. Someone pointed out that the two states represented by their teams in the Superbowl this year have both legalized!

meleah rebeccah said...

"Anyway, it's good to know that the family is represented in these promo videos, after the load of tuition I dropped off earlier this week." -- HA! True!

Also - I could care less about the Super Bowl. I am actually logging off FB for the day/night and just reading blogs, and later this evening, I will be renting a movie to avoid all the hoopla!