Thursday, December 19, 2013


The house has gotten a little smaller.  Wolfgang came home for Winter break last night.

I brought Ellie Mae over to the dorm at the appointed hour and helped lug a few things.  A few of Wolfgang's friends were hanging out and helped carry.  They're a nice bunch of kids, and Wolfgang and 3 friends are already planning on rooming together in the dorm apartments (like where Chaco lives) next year.

After we got into the car to drive home, Wolfgang commented, "This is going to be weird not seeing those guys every day".

And I agreed in all seriousness, "Yeah, now it's waking up each day to... your family!"

I'm impressed with the "quality" of students at the university, now that I'm in the mix too and dealing with the general population daily.  My previous experience at CU-Boulder was okay, but there were a lot of rich kids there, a lot of Trust Fund babies just attending CU in order to party and ski and pledge their mom's sorority or their dad's fraternity.

UCCS doesn't attract that crowd.  I'm not saying that all students here are hard-working and studious, but they're just nicer to be around.

It's a relatively long break.  Classes don't fire up again until the third week of January.  I too am feeling a bit at a loss, and I'm just a part-timer-commuter-old-person student.  I've become accustomed to being at the university each day, to doing homework and completing assignments.  Now... the sloth abyss?

I remember Chaco having similar feelings last Winter break.  He was also used to the rigors of college, and to suddenly be without a schedule left him feeling a bit adrift.  I remember thinking that was a good thing, and now I'm feeling it myself.  A bit anxious to be back at it and moving forward.

My final final was yesterday morning, dark and early.  Good time of day for math.

So, while driving home, Wolfgang and I brainstormed a few things to keep us busy and make best use of the break in addition to the traditional holiday activities.  Some things on my list:

  • Play with my art toys
  • Make a few visits to my parents'
  • Play with our new camera
  • Blog everyday ??

This morning was relatively warm out when I went for a run, so I decided to break in my new capri tights.  Later, I decided my first  winter break "assignment" would be to submit a review of the tights over at the Brooks website.

Already, I had troubles with...

Describe Yourself:


I don't think any of those choices "Describe Myself".    I ended up going with Gym Rat because I think I'm somewhere between Casual / Recreational and Avid Athlete.

But.. but... I'm certainly NO Gym Rat.  It's the wrong choice.

I hope this doesn't affect my GPA.


Anita said...

I wanted to chose Avid Athlete, but seeing that I chose to walk Layla the dog with my friends this morning instead of running or hitting the treadmill, I chose the Casual/Recreational dot. My true dot would say, "She gives her best 3 times a week; sometimes more."

You're definite an avid athlete.

Your boys are sounding very mature.

Abby said...

See? These five 2-word descriptors are just too limiting. I would prefer a combo: "Avid Recreational"

I'm sure Layla and your friends are happy with your choice :).

LL Cool Joe said...

I hate these things where you are asked to describe yourself. There is never one that fully describes anyone is there?

I need one that says "Fat slob that talks about going to the gym, then writes a blog post instead."

Riot Kitty said...

I never do well at multiple choice, unless there is the category of "other" or I can pick more than one, or fill in my own.

Anonymous said...

I would have bombed that question too. I'm an avid "stay in the best shape that I can even though age is working against me" exerciser, but I'm not an athlete. And I'm far from a gym rat.
All your school break activities sound great. But your blogging every day idea is the best. :)

Abby said...

Right? I was surprised that wasn't one of the choices!

Abby said...

Yes, even your comment was like three different answers!

Abby said...

Let's just leave the age thing out of it and pretend we're all 25...

Guano said...

If it's any consolation, I'll miss about half of everyone's break around here. Workworkwork. Would much rather hang around here with the family & wonder what to do with all the free time.

You should add a coupla game or movie nights to your list. :-)

Abby said...

Yes, I admit it's not a bad thing to be fretting about. Maybe I'm just worried about the re-entry after the sloth.
And absoloodle for game nights and movies - those fall under "traditional holiday activities". I'm due for a good Farkling!

terri said...

Even though these days tend to be a bit aimless, I know you just love that the kids are back home for a while. When my college kid goes back to school again, I know it's going to feel a little empty and quiet around here.

From the things you've written here, and your athletic accomplishments, I would describe you as an avid athlete!

meleah rebeccah said...

" I'm not saying that all students here are hard-working and studious, but they're just nicer to be around." -- That's totally-super-awesome.

And it sounds like you sure have a lot of great things planned during the long winter break!