Saturday, December 28, 2013

there are probably worse things that have happened in a fitting room

I went for a little run this morning and noticed a bit more company than usual.  Are the resolution runners already afoot?  Pun intended?  Actually, I think it might be because I've been sleeping in - just a bit - so was out when more of the general population wasn't asleep.  Still, I know the resolutionists are about to arrive.

It's been a nice break so far.  Since everyone survived Christmas Camp, the gifts were dished out.  And on time too as we weren't part of the great UPS / FedEx missed shipments of 2013.

On Boxing Day Thursday, we joined the hoards and went to Best Buy and the mall - just to be a part of the chaos.  Chaco was getting some needed jeans at the mall and the hip, trendy store we were in had quite a queue to the fitting rooms.  I told him, "Let's just get them and you can try them on at home, just don't remove the tags".  After all, men's jeans are so much easier to buy than women's!

As we left the store with the untried-on jeans in a bag, however, Chaco began plotting.  He could go to non-hip, non-trendy Sears and use their fitting room to try on his non-Sears jeans.

"You can't do that!", I interjected, "That'd be like bringing a sack lunch to McDonalds!"

"I'd do that too!", he confessed.

In the meantime I got some basketball shoes with Meego for the upcoming season.  Later we met up with Magnum, Wolfgang, and Chaco at the snowboard/skateboard store where Chaco reported that his jeans fit just fine.

"How do you know?", I cautiously asked.

"I went to the Sears fitting room!"


Would you?  Have you?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I've never actually done that since I'd rather try things on at home and return if necessary, but I can totally see myself doing that or suggesting it be done. After all, I've been known to use the men's restroom on quite a few occasions if the women's is too long.
Okay. It's best I stop typing now.
Glad to hear you had a great Christmas! Enjoy the last week of 2013!

Guano said...

I'll get a small coffee to justify using a Starbucks' bathroom. By the same token, I would've tried on a piece of Sears merchandise to rationalize a fitting room visit.

But that's just me. The merchants themselves probably couldn't care less......or they've seen enough "buy, wear & return" patrons to numb them against any lesser infractions.

Abby said...

It made practical sense to me, but it seemed so strangely easy for him! And... the women's line is ALWAYS longer than the men's!

Abby said...

I've sometimes tutored at Starbucks and the like, and try to buy something to justify taking up space. Buying coffee there is so confusing! Even their tea is a challenge!
Mooching the fitting room seemed wrong, but then I remembered the used TV they tried to sell us as new, and the guy who got all rude with me when I wouldn't buy the lawn mower warranty. I'm good now.

Guano said...

Ha! There was old dough in the bottom of that "new" breadmaker we bought, too! Eww.

Rebecca S. said...

No, I wouldn't dare, but I have a son who would do a lot of things I never would.

Abby said...


Abby said...

Nice to know I'm not alone!

Riot Kitty said...

Your son is hilarious! I haven't. Wouldn't. But applaud his ingenuity.

terri said...

I love it! What a smart kid you have! I could be convinced to do the same.

We avoided the after-Christmas shopping crowds but ventured out on Sunday. The stores were strangely calm (maybe due to the seriously cold temps) and we found us some major bargains!

Ms. CrankyPants said...

Oh, I'd be too scared that someone would catch me and -- horrors -- CONFRONT me. I'm pretty sure I used to think I was a badass. What happened?!

Abby said...

I have a hard enough time just RETURNING stuff I tried on at home.

Abby said...

I suppose "smart" sounds better than "mooch".
Stores were definitely crowded on Thursday, but we weren't pressure shopping, so it was a good way to amuse ourselves. Glad you got some deals!

Abby said...

I used to sneak snacks and "beverages" into the movies back in my badass days. That girl is long gone!