Sunday, November 10, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

I haven't blogged since Tuesday?  Wow, it's like an alien abduction or something.  But no, I don't think so. Here's a shot of the toads during a rare break in sexual activity for no other purpose than to include a photo of the week:

I do appreciate the suggestions and sympathies in regards to my eye-skin dizeeez.  I've tried different things, and it's certainly manageable.  I think Doctor [Terri] is onto something when she suggested it was the colder drier weather having an adverse effect.

My bicycle commute does expose my fragile face to the harsh elements, moreso than being out walking school kids across the street.  Even with my Secret Squirrel glasses, I think the ailment is more of a windburn thing since it's mainly irritating my skin while my eyeballs and mucus membranes are fine.

With that diagnosis, before heading out this morning for a bike ride, I lubed my face up but good with some petrolatum-based healing and preventative ointment.   I'd gotten the stuff for Chaco a while back when he'd gotten sunburned at a pool party and was dubbed "The English Patient" for about a week.

I looked like a prizefighter, but, by gum, it made a big difference!

In other silver liningness, this was an election week.  Everything I voted in favor of won, and the corollary:  everything I voted against lost!  One of the issues up for vote was whether Colorado should tax retail sales of marijuana.  Well... YEAH.  Wasn't that the whole reason for legalizing the stuff in the first place?  All that untapped revenue?  The potheads aren't particularly happy.

I haven't mentioned good movies in a while mainly because I haven't seen any - but not from a lack of trying.

I finally stopped the downward spiral.  Magnum and I watched "Dead Man Down" and we both liked it.  It's not really for everyone since it does involve thugs and violence, but it's really a love story cleverly disguised as a shoot-em-up.  Strong character portrayals and interractions, plus I thought Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace especially pulled off nicely believable chemistry.  Plus... well... Colin Farrell...



  1. "I think the ailment is more of a windburn thing since it's mainly irritating my skin while my eyeballs and mucus membranes are fine."

    Oh good. I bet thats a relief! Yay for Dr. Terri!

    I also enjoyed "Dead Man Down" a lot!

  2. I was wondering where you'd been! Just figured school was taking priority over blogging for a while.

    It makes sense that it's the weather causing your eye issues. I hope the new ointment is the answer.

    I felt left out at election time. We had no elections in our little city this year. Good to hear that your political stuff was all decided in your favor. And yes! Tax the Mary Jane sales! Everything else is taxed. Why not weed too?

    The toads look highly satisfied! :-)

  3. Well good to see ya! I'm allowed to take long breaks from blogging, but I'd prefer if you didn't. :)
    Happy to hear your eyes are feeling better, and happy to hear your votes counted!
    And Colin Farrell... *swoon*... doesn't matter if the movie's good if he's in it.

  4. Yeah, you had me at Colin Farrell. So horny toads have that name for a reason?

  5. I have this "thing" for frogs and toads. Make that, INDIANA frogs and toads.

    I was getting all "Oooooey pooooey come to mama" with a rather large toad down here a few days ago. Imagine my surprise when his likeness was on the evening news warning that holding them, or licking them, will make you foam at the mouth and go into seizures..................licking them? uh...... otay.

  6. Sorry your eye is still having problems. Hope the ointment does the trick.

    Was wondering how your little toads were making out. Seems like they have adapted to their new home very well.