Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our first time was a bit surprising and awkward and weird.  I really didn't expect it to happen so soon, actually, but in hindsight, I don't know why.

So I guess when that first time actually did come about, I wasn't quite prepared.  I mean, I guess I was physically okay with it, but mentally, I wasn't prepared.  One minute, I was just there.  In the moment.  Just going with the flow.  And suddenly, there he was.  Just looking at me.  Kind of big eyed.

It was just a split second, really.  That moment when we knew.  There it was.  There we were.

"Hello", he said.  Still with the big eyes, but not breaking stride.

"Hello", I said back, my own eyes feeling big.  A bit of a smile teasing at my mouth as the moment was blanketed with humor.  And I kept walking.  Best to keep walking.  For his sake.

Yep, I saw Wolfgang at college yesterday.

I had left my class and was on my way out of the building, walking with the flow of humanity.  I think I was fiddling with a strap on my backpack or something when I felt a "presence" that caused me to look up.  Wolfgang was walking in the opposite flow of humanity, on his way to a class, and we passed like two ships in the night.

He's been happy to have me and/or Magnum at school events, but I think mom-as-fellow-college-student was still a bit weird at that point.

But I saw him again this morning.  Similar circumstance, only it was a different building, and I was the one going to class while he was the one leaving.  Much more relaxed exchange today, after having that "first" out of the way.

So I'm using that event as a stretch to hook up with Mama Kat this week for the prompt:  4.) First day of school!

It's not really the first DAY of school, but it's a first of a sort.

Chaco's told me that most of his classes start later in the day from when mine end, so it's less likely that I'll run into him.  He did tell me that he saw Tessa parked, so I know he's up and about at least some of the time I'm there.

Speaking of Tessa, today was "Bike Jam" day on campus - kicking off a month-long bike fest to promote health and wellness and bicycle commuting.  I think I've mentioned before what a nightmare the parking situation is at the university, so while it tries to build more parking access, it's also trying to cut down on motorized vehicles.  Bike Jam!

So I got all registered for contests and giveaways.  I got a packet of stuff and other freebies - food, water bottles, that cute pin for my backpack...

I also noticed this strange little number parked near me:

It's a folding electro-bike.

Now, I'm a purist, so not really into the electro-bikes.  Foldups are second only to recumbents in my opinion of ghastly pedaled vehicles.  If you look closely at the pic, though, you might see that this foldup electro has a HUGE chain lock.  Someone really doesn't want this messed with.

It should be noted that this was parked at the engineering building...

Yeah, so far college is a lot like I remember it from the first go 'round.

A lot of fun if not for those pesky classes and work...


LL Cool Joe said...

Oh I can imagine that could have felt very awkward. My 18 year old would have died with embarrassment, but then I do look a bit "out there" I suppose.

agg79 said...

I was going to ask if you ever crossed paths with your kids while playing college student. Having mom attend school at the same time is definitely up there on there on the weird-o-meter for some folk. I think it is great you can share a bit of the same space of campus with them, even if they have later classes. Good thing you have Tessa and her green tires to let your sons keep track of you.

No as a part time RV'er, I can relate to folding bikes (minimize on space). Not sure I could justify a motorized version, but it does offer up a more eco-friendly version over a Hummer...

Peggy said...

What a great way to start out the blog....I kept reading just to get to the meat of it. I like that electric bike too.

Abby said...

Probably best not to mention the relationship! When I was a freshman in college, my dad was one of my instructors. Weird at first, but we got used to it.

Abby said...

Wolfgang and I do share one class in common. You can bet we checked to make sure we weren't in the same section!

I understand the practicality behind the folding bikes, but I don't see them doing too well on our hills. That chain lock was impressive, though. Probably weighed more than the bike.

Abby said...

Thanks for sticking it out until the bitter end!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the fold-up bike guy took a pic of Tessa and is now blogging about her stand-out tires? Funny thought. (To me, anyway!)
I used to teach at the same school my kids went to. When they were young, I received an excited "HI MOM!" when we passed. As they got older, I barely got a wave. And THEN, I took on the role of mean lunch lady. Poor kids.
Congrats on surviving your first, but I'm wondering. Did he make the first move?

Guano said...

Oddly, the notion of "Um, SHOULD this be an awkward encounter?" actually ADDS to the awkwardness! Funny (and awkward!) description -- I find myself relieved that it's over! (Still walking briskly, erect, straight ahead....don'tlook dont'look don'tlook notgonnalook....)

Wait 'til you bust him hittin' on that hottie in the chow hall: "CAN"T....NOT....LOOK...."

Abby said...

YES, Mr. Foldup Electro probably IS blogging nasty things about the big green tires on the unflexible Tessa!

Yeah, how soon it goes from "HI MOM!" to "I'll meet you outside".

He made both the first move and the first get-outta.

Abby said...

There was actually quite a bit of "dialogue" that passed between us in that quick moment of clipped hellos, like "OMG, it's happening!"

Heck, I can barely not look not look anytime he friends someone on facebook.

Riot Kitty said...

That intro was hilarious...

I don't see the point of electric bikes either, but from a geek standpoint it is kind of neat!

terri said...

Your boys seem pretty cool with the fact that you're going back to school in the same place they're going forward in school. I think as long as you don't do like Rodney Dangerfield, you'll all be just fine.

meleah rebeccah said...

"Yep, I saw Wolfgang at college yesterday."

Oh man. I can only imagine!

And I am laughing out loud at Terri's comment

Anita said...

I like your intro to the story, too - thinking it would be another of your eclectic group of strangers that you so often encounter.

My 17 y.o. went to the football game this past Friday and actually suggested that I come (via text). Oh the shock. Girl #1 wants her Mommy to hang out and have fun, even in her presence.

Please keep us informed of other sightings. This can be interesting and fun.

Anita said...

I was wondering where my comment went. How did it get here instead of at the end of the train? Oh well.