Saturday, July 20, 2013


In my former life as a manufacturing engineer, I had several robots for co-workers.  They never complained about their pay or their hours.  They never gossiped.  Unless they were sick, they showed up on time for work every day.  Their one desire was to do exactly what we told them to do, for as long as we told them to do it.

When I saw this week's Illustration Friday prompt "Robot", I thought back to those co-workers.  I wonder how many are still there, or how many were downsized or replaced by younger, more attractive robots.

When I "retired", I didn't say good-bye to the robots, nor did they give me any send off.  Never even crossed my mind.  See, none of them had faces.

In fact, none of them even really resembled humans - if anything, they looked like insects.  And none of them audiblized English.

Robots in movies and TV shows usually take on human-like form like C3PO for example.  Even R2D2 "spoke".  And who could forget Rosie from The Jetsons?

My favorite Hollywood Robot, however, is probably Sonny from "I, Robot".  Sonny was just so... sensitive.  And smart.  And expressive.  So emotional.  And likable.

I'm glad I didn't work with him because I'd miss him now.



Riot Kitty said...

I like the robot from Robot and Frank.

I wonder if I work with robots sometimes, because of their utter lack of communication and social skills, and then I remember that robots would be easier to work with because if they annoyed me, I could just switch them off!

agg79 said...

Don't forget the Robot from Lost in Space. I am still waiting for those robots that will clean the house. Not the cat chasing roomba, I'm talking something to take care of the bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

I think I work with a robot. Very monotonous sounding and works without much feeling. I often feel like stepping in just so the guest gets some human interaction. :)
Yours looks kinda sad and lost. I hope he's okay.

terri said...

I would like one of those robots that vacuums the floors. Might be kind of creepy if it had a face though.

Anita said...

I must admit that it scares me to go back into the corporation where more than a few robots where there doing the type of work I used to do.

Your robot is creepy and spaced out.