Monday, June 24, 2013

So, you know who Jesus is, right?

I inquired this of Meego this morning.  A little background:

When I was growing up, my family didn't attend church, but my dad arranged for brother Guano and me to crash the local Lutheran church and attend Sunday school and VBS as church orphans.  Looking back, it was a positive experience.

I was not a churchgoer when I met Magnum and neither was he.  But by the time we became parents, I felt maybe we should at least expose the kids to "the basics" of our Judeo-Christian society like I had been.  With that, we dipped them in a few church experiences spanning about three years.

It started with a non-denominational church that was so ridiculously non-denominational that we didn't see the point (rhymes with "spoonitarian").  From there we went to Christian Science - not to be mistaken with Scientology.  While we had a few issues with the church itself, that I won't expound upon here, we were happy enough with the Sunday school.

But when we moved to another town and another CS church, the hypocrisy smothered us out.  We began  attending a non-denominational Christian church in our somewhat rural community, Chaco and Wolfgang did Sunday school.  It was all right, the people were nice, and I don't really remember why we stopped going.  I think the hypocrites at the previous church had just left such a bad taste in our mouths.  We were churchgoers no more.

Meego was just a baby then.  His sole church experiences were of either sitting in my lap drooling on the hymnal, or spending time in the nursery with the Noah's Ark pillow pets.

I did think about it over the years - what to do about Meego.  I vaguely remember getting a book of Bible stories from the library and reading a few selections with him.  And we've talked to him about what Christmas and Easter are to Christians.  Haven't we?

Which brings us to this morning.  This morning is his first day as a VBS volunteer at the church up the street.

So how did this young heathen become a VBS helper?

Meego has a couple of good buddies in the neighborhood, twin brothers K and J.  K and J are nice kids.  Playful, polite, boy bundles of activity.  They're about two years younger than Meego, and the three of them hang out for hours at a time, shooting hoops, riding bikes, playing video games, etc.

summer daze

Last week, K and J were at VBS at the church down the street.  Meego sat around the house ho-humming until they were released in the afternoons.  Even the kids next door, a.k.a. "the girls", were at VBS.  Everyone was out having VBS fun except Meego!

K and J announced that this week, they would be attending the VBS UP the street.  Meego should go!  I said I thought he was too old.  He is, but learned that older kids could volunteer as helpers.  

I got the contact info for volunteers, e-mailed, and left it to Jesus.

Jesus... er... Julie e-mailed me back quite directly.  "Yes!"  

We walked up there, set foot in that church for the first time in our lives, talked with whom we needed to talk with, and it was a done deal.  

So this morning, as he prepared his breakfast before heading out for a rip roaring good time with Jesus, I inquired the title of this post.

He gave me a look that said "duh", and reminded me, "We learned about him in humanities, remember?"   

Oh, right.  They did a unit on world religions in school.  

Hopefully public school Jesus will suffice for a VBS helper.


Rebecca S. said...

I found this post very sweet, Abby. I loved that bit when you said, " e-mailed me back quite directly. "Yes!"
I hope Meego has fun. It seems like it's the neighbourhood activity in your area :)
I am just catching up on blogs. Life has been crazy. Our kids don't finish school until this week.

terri said...

Well... my kids had plenty of church, if you ask them. And I've had more than my share. The hypocrisy definitely played a big part. Near the end when I felt myself slipping away, I gave it a big push trying to find what works for me. And I just fizzled out. I have to say that except for a brief period of guilt about not being a reg-lar church-goer, I am pretty content with the absence of formalized religion in my life.

Churches always seem to be in need of more volunteers, so I'll bet Meego's willingness to help was MUCH appreciated. My kids always had fun at those week long Bible camps. Betcha he'll enjoy it.

Abby said...

Wow, you've got a long school year! Or maybe you just start later? Have more breaks?
Meego had fun. I figured he would - as long as there wasn't a quiz or anything...

Abby said...

I'm content with not being a church-goer too. Our kids seem to be pretty open-minded about religion, maybe from their hodge podge hippie style religious education. Either way, Meego had fun as expected.

Riot Kitty said...

My family is all over the map, and my parents are fine with that. I have more of a problem with orthodox and inflexible anything.

Rock Chef said...

He is a clever kid - I am sure he can wing it :-)

Abby said...

Our city is pretty big with inflexible evangelicals, and before we lived here, we lived in Mormom Country Utah. We can be a bit cynical at times...

Abby said...

That's what I said. No one is expecting him to be the Pope of VBS.

Anonymous said...

I grew up never going to church. Hubby's childhood revolved around it. Sometimes we feel bad that we don't enforce it more with our kids, but I also feel good that they have friends of other religions and can one day make the decision for themselves.
Glad to hear he's having fun!

Anita said...

Church? I started life being sprinkled in the Catholic church, followed by 5 years of Catholic school until the parents divorced. Became a heathen (lol), but dropped in with friends and my newly married mother at her new Baptist church during my teens and twenties. Found Jesus again around age 28, married my Super Christian husband and now raising church going kids. Must admit that my flame is low nowadays. I've heard it so much that I find myself nodding. (Shhh... Don't tell my Super Christian friends.)
For me, church is discipline. I take from it what I need. There is no perfection...anywhere. And, I like being able to call on Jesus, like last week when I was on a fidgety horse. Anyway, when Meego begins calling on Jesus, don't be surprised. :) Glad he had fun! And good post - in that you put yourself out there. People are passionate on both sides of the religion issue.

Abby said...

It's hard to know how much to lead and how much to let them find their own path. Meego's having a good time, I'm glad this sort of fell into his lap.

Abby said...

Religion and politics are subjects I usually avoid here. This is about as "out there" as I felt like going :). My own spiritual path is an ever evolving thing - the way I think it should be. (Your secret's safe with me)

Claire Wildish said...

I love the way you re-tell this incident Abby. It made me laugh! Children are so surprising and how often do we worry about things they have all under control!!