Wednesday, June 19, 2013

could you pick me out of a lineup?

One rule for staying under the radar is to have no distinguishing marks.  I find it humorous when criminals go knock off a 7-eleven or such, and the witness descriptions include something like a dagger tattoo on the face.  Are they seriously surprised when they get busted?

I, however, have no intention of ever knocking off a 7-eleven or such, so I can feel free to get all the face tattoos I want.  Which is zero.

So I have to stand out in other ways.  Can you find my bicycle in this mob?

Yes, the lovely Tessa is back from the salon.  I just love her green highlights!  Apparently, tires other colors than black are becoming quite popular.  The tech at the bike shop really wanted me to go green.  I should mention that there was no price difference among green or black or white - the other available color.  So I said, "heck yah!"

These tires are a little thicker and more durable than the skinny ones I replaced, but I really didn't notice "feeling fat" during my short test ride.  

Hmmm... green handlebar tape perhaps?

So far, the local polling results are:  
  • Meego - "like" (I want it)
  • Chaco - "dislike" (it looks like a clown bike)
  • Wolfgang - "neutral" (as long as it can still go fast)
I'll pose a guess for Magnum:
  • "like" (if I'm happy, he's happy, know what I'm sayin'?)

And I'm happy.  So happy, I think I'll go clean the bathrooms now, so I can make my video already.


Anonymous said...

Tessa has taken on your persona, and I love it! You oughta ride her around with your bright pink shooz on. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do... 'cause you WILL stand out in a lineup.
I'm jealous you found motivation to clean your bathroom. I have to drag myself kicking and screaming to get it done.

Rock Chef said...

I like it - I suspect that my wife would like red tyres...

I appreciate the "wife is happy therefore I am happy" approach. As the Mormons say (probably): "You are only has happy as your most unhappy wife". :-)

Guano said...

Ooh. I mighta held out for yellow.

agg79 said...

Wow. You're really going to stand out on your next ride. Love the new shooz on Tessa. Really makes her shine! I bet Bella is now all jealous.

Abby said...

Yeah, the pink shooz, time to get loud! My bathrooms are spotless. That might hold for a couple of hours or so.

Abby said...

As a former gentile resident of Utah, I'm pretty sure that's a real saying!

Abby said...

Yellow would work. Chaco says I shoulda gone with white. What am I, in preschool?!

Abby said...

I KNOW Bella is jealous. Might have to get her a new butt light or something.

Anita said...

In the midst of all the other bikes at the shop, she definitely stands out. She's kinda cute. Have fun showing her off and let us know what comments and reactions you get.

Abby said...

Was out and about today. In a shopping center:

Little boy, about 3 years old: There's a bicycle!
Grandma (I'm assuming): Yep, there's a bicycle. And look at the pretty green tires!

You know it, Grandma!

terri said...

Tessa looks lovely with her new accessories! Seems like no matter what mode of transportation people use, they like to make their vehicle look spiffy. Why should Tessa be any different?