Tuesday, June 4, 2013

beyond the con

I'm not quite back to myself yet.  That is, I'm hunched over in an uncomfortable position blogging from a little Chromebook in a corner.  And nobody puts Baby in a corner!

morning Old Folk's walk

After Comic Con, we headed west to the mountains and have been here playing ever since.    And lest any malcontents get wise ideas, our house is being watched over by our Xtreme nosy neighbors and our fat cat that will probably eat just about anything, including malcontents.

No big trips are planned for this summer, but we were able to sneak in this getaway to the mou'ains for a couple of post Comic Con days, and it's been loverly.  We just rented a cozy little condo - relatively cheap since it's the skiing offseason.

Lots of general outdoor recreating going on - swimming, bicycling, boating, laundering...  Today we took a longer than anticipated bike ride.  It was just so darned nice out, and the trail kept going.   The Adventure Girl (bike rental employee) saw me trying to get the crew to behave for a photo, and I guess she took pity on me.  She offered to take a photo for us, and everyone pretty much behaved for HER.  So here is the Brady-Bunch-on-Vacation version.

This is not typical

We're having us a good time, but now my back is starting to hurt from this nonideal blogging position.  I did find this other photo from "The Con".  My idol, Tank Girl, snuck in!  See her??

Meego's thrilled


Anonymous said...

Sometimes those little get-a-ways are just as fun and relaxing as a big vacation. More so, even.
I have a hard time believing your crew wasn't behaving. Look how sweet and innocent they are... Perhaps you'd be willing to show the outtakes. But maybe wait until you're in more comfortable blogging conditions.

terri said...

Looks like you're having beautiful weather in the mountains. And Adventure Girl got a great family shot of all of you. Put that one in a frame!

lotta joy said...

All I can think of is that you're so lucky to be thin. Yes. I had to go there.

Rock Chef said...

Looks like good cycling country!

Hm, I had forgotten about Tank Girl! There was a movie, wasn't there?

agg79 said...

I agree with Shadow, those low key, short getaway vacations can be more enjoyable that the extended ones. I imagine that, since you are hitting the area in between seasons, there aren't many crowds. Always loved hitting those ski towns in the summer. Last time we did Red River, we rented mountain bikes and rode the lift to the top of the mountain and rode the trails back down.

I like how Tank Girl photobombed your picture.

Anita said...

I have a chance to go to Philadelphia with my crew soon. For some reason, the thought is not appealing to me; but now that I see your happy Brady Bunch, maybe we can make it happen with all smiles, too.

First shot: Looks like a beautiful place for an old folk's walk.
Second shot: All the blue - everyone is so coordinated.
Third shot: Nice pic of you and Meego. You can always photoshop or crop Tank Girl out, although she adds, hmmm... something to the picture. Btw, what is that Herman Monster looking head above her?

Abby said...

I prefer the little get-a-ways too. Far enough away to get out of the ruts, but not so far as to be annoying.

Abby said...

Weather was perfect! I wonder if Adventure Girl pulled that one off too?

Abby said...

Hmmm, well I've never really been a "Big Girl" in any sense of the term *ahem*

Abby said...

It was nice to see other bicyclists partaking. There's more to mountains than skiing.
Yes, Tank Girl was a movie (after the graphic novel). Lori Petty in the lead. I've never seen the whole thing, but it looks like stupid fun.

Abby said...

Very nicely uncrowded. We saw a few others around, but had the pool to ourselves each afternoon.
There are some crazy mountain bike trails for the hardcore. I notice they are all young males.

Abby said...

We did enjoy our old folk's walks - early mornings while the "little ones" slept. It was a bit weird how we all ended up dressed sort of alike in that bike photo! That big Monster head thing - I think that was yet another place to buy t-shirts.