Thursday, May 9, 2013


I lost one today.  And yesterday too.  This is really weighing heavily on me.

I'm not these kids' mom.  I'm just a crossing guard.  But still, we are each a regular part of each others' days. How can this not affect me?

Yesterday, the first occurrence,  I didn't even realize what was happening until it was too late.   I saw these two adults talking with each other.  As I watched, it seemed more like maybe they were arguing about something.  Then things got more... animated.

And just like that, the larger one took the child of the smaller one.  What?  No!!

I was paralyzed, couldn't believe it happened right in front of my eyes.  If only I'd have known that there was a child at risk, I would have certainly intervened!  But who expects something like that to happen?  In broad daylight?  Right next to a busy road??

The abductor took off like a bat out of hell with the child's mother on its tail, but I knew that mom would never catch up, the abductor was too quick and agile.  I could hear the child crying.  That was, by far, the worst part.

The mother obviously heard it too, she kept pacing back and forth, thinking, plotting, trying to come up with some plan, ANY plan.  It was pure instinct at work.

And all I could do was watch.  And hear...

Then again this morning.  Oh, they've got to be kidding me.  This poor mother.  She's got to find a better home for her and the kids!

The images, I can't get them out of my head.  I thought maybe a little art therapy might help me work through this.

But it's not working!  I think it made the trauma worse.  I know, it's "nature's way" and all, but I'm starting to really hate [censored] magpies!


terri said...

Oh no! I would be traumatized too! Poor baby bunnies. Poor Mama Bunny! [Censored] Magpies! I love the great outdoors and all things naturey, but sometimes I think it would be better if some of this naturey stuff happened where we can't see it.

Abby said...

Right?? You'd think those [censored] magpies would have the courtesy of taking care of their survival needs when I'm not there!

Anonymous said...

Oh how awful! Those [censored]magpies need parental guidance. They should NOT be running the streets (or flying the skies...)
I'm so sorry you had to see it. TWICE even. Where's those motorcycle cops when you need them?

Abby said...

THUGS, I tellya! Yeah, I need my cops. Give me one of those tasers!

Rock Chef said...

Argh, takes mne back to The War on Cats who were killing our baby rabbits. No matter what we did they found a way of getting them. It drove me nuts, literally. One night I chased cats down the road, waving a metal pole and wearing only a dressing gown. Well I THINK I was wearing a dressing gown...

Abby said...

Yes, this also reminded me of your cat marauders! Darn those magpies and their ability to fly!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh! Phew! For a second I really believed you witnessed an actual child abduction!

*wipes sweat off brows*