Friday, February 15, 2013

surgery for my imaginary friend

My friend, "Bunny", is having surgery today.  Actually, she's probably already had it and is in recovery mode.  She's having surgery on her hands.  Both hands.  Left and right.

No use of her hands for a couple of weeks.  Either hand.  Think about all of the things routinely done with hands.  Now think about not being able to do them.  And having to have someone else do them.

"We'll find out how much my husband loves me now!", she quipped.


A few years ago, a friend of mine's 13-year-old son fell from a swingset.  To break his fall, he fractured both wrists.  My friend had to help him dress, undress, bathe, etc.  He was able to eventually do some things while still in the casts - motivated, I'm sure, by pride.

In Bunny's case, she's got severe carpal tunnel syndrome.  Typically, surgery would be done on one hand at a time to limit the limitation.  I don't know much about the timing of surgical intervention for carpal tunnel, but apparently there is "need" to do both of her hands now.

So I mentioned this to Magnum, and we pondered being in such a position - one of us having to be the other's hands for a couple of weeks.  Okay, it could and would be done... but...

I don't know the cause of Bunny's CTS.  Magnum assumed that maybe she used a computer too much, but I said I really didn't think she did.  She told me she's dealt with this for a while, and she overdid it while doing  recent renovations to their townhome.

"Maybe she still should cut back on the blogging", he added.

"I don't even think that she has a blog", I said.

He looked at me rather perplexed.  "Oh, I thought she was a blog friend".

"No", I replied, "I do have one or three real-life friends that you don't know, y'know".

I don't think he believes Bunny is real now.


Anonymous said...

I find this so funny! I have a few or three friends that don't blog too, but I definitely consider you all my friends. I can see where he'd make that mistake!
You saw how much I complained about not being able to scoop ice cream without pain. I can't even fathom being completely handless. And worse yet, having my husband completely handless and needing MY hands.

Guano said...

The first US soldier to survive a quadruple amputation (arms AND legs) said he HATED not having hands, practically dismissing his missing legs as a non-issue. "You do everything with your hands....." including talking. He recently received a double arm transplant.

Could Bunny's real name be Esther (y'know, Esther Bunny?)? Magnum might believe in her then!

LL Cool Joe said...

I have a real life friend who had carpal tunnel syndrome and she doesn't have a blog either. I can't imagine how miserable life must be without the use of your hands. Well actually I can.

agg79 said...

We all take things for granted until we don't have them. You really don't appreciate your hands until you cannot use them. I've had to deal with a fractured wrist a long time ago which made it a challenge to drive a stick shift, but that's nothing compared to Bunny. I hope she recovers quickly and her husband has a good sense of humor. Nice to know he's a real handy guy to have around.

CiCi said...

Funny, we do have real life friends. Hope the surgery is successful for Bunny. Two weeks are going to prove more than her husband's love for her, it will show her how inventive she can be to do some things for herself and it will remind her how important patience is in our daily lives. Are you going to take her a care package?

terri said...

I can't imagine being without the use of my hands for even a portion of a day, much less for weeks at a time!

My chiropractor says I have early signs of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. But he can do things to make sure I never need the surgery. Could be just a way to keep me coming back and feeding his paycheck. But after reading about Bunny, I'm not taking any chances.