Saturday, February 9, 2013


I guess it's appropriate that this week's Illustration Friday prompt is "storm", with the mayhem going on in the northeast part of the country.

So I thought I could do the cop out white-on-white thing to symbolize a whiteout.  Or I could do the cop out black-on-black thing to symbolize the power outages.  No.

Or I could do a Nemo, but I just did Buzz Lightyear and don't want to overdo Disney Pixar.   I could do a Halle Berry from X-Men or a weather vane.  Sorry Halle, a weather vane it is.

Watercolor makes the corners of my paper curl, and rather than wait for the thing to dry and then smash it and wait for it to flatten, I just put heavy things on the corners and snapped a picture.  Hence the shadow in the upper right.

Pretend it's a U.F.O.  Or Halle Berry.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't pick Halle Berry. She just makes me feel bad about myself.
The weather vane makes me smile. I love that you chose to paint him from behind - and so the letters are backwards.
The other day, I was drawing a pic of a building, and I wanted to look through the door and see the inside. I could NOT do it. I finally called Amp and made him draw it. He patiently explained that as things get closer to me, they broaden up, and then narrow as they get farther away. Oh. That's why I'm awful at drawing.... I don't "see" things that way. So when I say I admire your talent, I really do! :)

Abby said...

That Amp, he knows what's what! I know he's got "the eye", but I bet with practice, you could do it too.

And yeah, that's why I decided against Halle Berry. Studying the "structure" that is Halle Berry wouldn't be good for me.

Guano said...

Like the vane.
Pretty sure I woulda liked the Halle Berry, too. :-)

CiCi said...

It rained here all night long, so waking up to see your storm watercolor fits right in today.

Are you going to draw something with Halle Berry now? I used to be so envious of her petite size, her natural beauty, and her poise. Why would she get all the beauty breaks? Now I appreciate her talent and beauty and let it go at that.

Abby said...

Well, I "chickened" out on Halle.. *snort*

Abby said...

The last time I got my front teeth fixed, the dental assistant told me they were going to make me look like Halle Berry. Hmmm... I guess that was a joke.
Oh well, I'll take my mundane life over her relationship troubles. Still, it would be fun to control the weather!

agg79 said...

Nice watercolors. I've always had an interest in weather vanes. That and Halle Berry.

Anonymous said...

The weathervane definitely tells the story! I like your composition and perspective here. Great job!