Thursday, February 21, 2013

fluffy stuff

I allowed myself an extra half hour of sleep this morning. I knew, just KNEW that school would be delayed today or else we would have full on snowday.  So I snoozed.  No rush.

Last evening, I looked outside as snow lightly fell.  About an hour later, Wolfgang said, "Look at the picnic table", so I looked out and was all, "what picnic table?"  Everything in the backyard was buried under mounds of snow.  I had to shovel a path to the street just to get my garbage dumpster to the bottom of the driveway for, the always special, garbage day.

So I leisurely got up this morning and turned on the radio to hear the closure report.  I didn't want to boot up the computer just yet, and I have a DumbPhone, so radio it was.  The announcer went through a list of closures and delays without one word about our district.  What??  Dang, I'd better get on the stick!

It did seem strange, though.  No way, I thought.  There must've been a delay in announcing the delay?  A few minutes later the announcer came back and listed more closures, including our district.  Turns out there were so many, he was reading them in waves.  Really, it would've been more efficient to announce what, if anything, was open.

So here we are basking in snowiness

Checking my facebook page, I found the typical snowday status updates from my gleeful teacher friends.  Snowdays are of the few occasions where my fb feed looks an awful lot like Wolfgang's.  

Some things never change.


Anonymous said...

The kids had half a snow day here. Nothing started until about noon. We didn't get much snow, but the ice is a killer to drive in. (I know, 'cause I did.) Sounds like most of the country is getting hit with the same storm system.
I've often thought the same thing about snow closures - sometimes they should just read the ones that have school.

meleah rebeccah said...

I lived for snow days when I was a kid. Hell, I still do!

Guano said...

Been years (decades, actually) since I've experienced a snow day of any sort, but remember that feeling well -- so cozy! Enjoy!

Belgian Corgi, eh? Accent gave it away....

Rock Chef said...

We have got small flakes floating down outside - not settling, yet, but the radio (yes we use it too) said that it might be laying by tomorrow morning. Enjoy the day!

agg79 said...

The only time we see snow down here is when they truck it in for our annual snow festival (doesn't last long). Kind of funny to see all these flatlanders going gaga over a couple of piles of snow. It rarely ever snows in this area (once in a blue moon) and the last time we got a dusting, the whole city shut down. I sometimes envy your snow, but not when you have to drive in it like Terri or ShadowRun.

terri said...

I don't care how old you are. A snow day is always one of the best surprises. I don't pay much attention to school closures these days, but it seems like we keep getting just enough snow to make traffic a mess, but not enough for any real excitement.