Monday, February 4, 2013

'Cause there's music in the air and lots of lovin' everywhere

Let's call him Doogie.

He was 19 when I was 15 and had a major crush on him.  It's hard to say what it was that I found so crushworthy, but I clearly recall how there was just something about HIM that set HIM apart from all the rest.  Whenever he appeared in my line of sight, I could practically feel the skipped beat of my heart and the dilation of my pupils.  What the...?  I was fifteen!

He was actually kind of a "pretty boy", not my usual preference.  Designer jeans, just right hair.  He drove a very unique, pretty car, none other like it in town.  Seeing the car caused the same physical response in me that seeing Doogie caused.

I brazenly asked him to go with me to my high school's homecoming dance (he couldn't ask me, he'd already graduated!).  He accepted and countered by asking to take me to the football game the night before the dance.  From then on, we were a couple.  For a while.

Looking back, I wonder what my parents thought.  I'm sure my mother wasn't happy about such an "older" man/boy.  I don't think my mother would've been happy with anyone for me when I was 15.  But I don't remember her saying anything specific about it.  We lived in a small town.  Everyone knew everybody else.  The whole town had eyes.  Doogies' dad cut my dad's hair.

I didn't love Doogie.  Just puppy loved him, I guess.  We didn't last beyond puppydom.  But still, whenever I hear George Benson, I think of Doogie.

And so, my first crush, my first boyfriend  - not counting Frank, whom I "married" in first grade.  Hmmm.. maybe I really should count Frank?


From NaBloPoMo prompt:
"Tell us about your first crush"



Anonymous said...

I know in THIS day and age, I would NEVER let Mario date someone four years older. Heck, it bothered me that Amp was dating someone two years older than him. (That's over, thank goodness...) Times are definitely a-changing.
I've always been drawn to older guys, though. I met my hubby when I was 18 and he was 23. And before him, my crushes were on older guys.
I dated a Frank too. And we ALMOST got married. For real. Lucky for me, he ended it.... What was I thinking??

Guano said...

Soooo....we talkin' 1st base or what?
Don't remember the Doog's car, but he did rock a good 'do! Nice guy, too.

Rock Chef said...

Age differences like that were pretty common when I was that age. This, of course, lead to lots of broken hearted boys (like me) who knew that the girl they had a crush on would not even look at a boy their own age!

Abby said...

It seems that "going steady" isn't as common with kids these days as it was when I was that age. Or maybe it was our town, I dunno. I was just a sophomore - my poor mother.
"My" Frank was a pretty good husband. For an afternoon.

Abby said...

I'm not going to discuss baseball here...
Copper/orange colored formula firebird? Black trim??

Abby said...

It was a common thing. I'm sure you eventually got old enough to be the crushee.

terri said...

My first crush was Donny Osmond.

Four years doesn't seem like such a big age difference until you think of being 15 an 19. I think I would have been nervous if my daughter dated someone four years older.

agg79 said...

Laurie was the love of my life in 2nd grade. It was tragic when we moved away to Jersey. With that car, I can see why you were in love. "Chicks dig the car."