Wednesday, January 16, 2013

visions of sugarplums

Aaahh, I think our cold snap has finally snapped.  For now.  It was a balmy 25 degrees this morning at "The Office", and it felt like about 50 after the last couple of days.

Yesterday afternoon, during a blustery 20 degree commute, Meego came walking by the crosswalk on his way home from his bus stop.  He was wearing his typical "uniform" of cargo shorts and light pullover.

"Where's your big jacket?", I asked, thinking he must've left it at school.

"At home", he answered while hopping around.

"Well, you're supposed to wear that stuff on days like today.  Long pants might help too", sarcastically.

"This morning, the thermometer said thirty-seven degrees", he replied.

"Thirty-sev...?!?  This morning it was three  POINT  seven degrees!", I clarify

Then he did that perplexed look, eyes up and to the left, that says, "hmmm... that's entirely possible".

Sheesh, this from the kid who got the math award last quarter?  Oh well, he survived.  Meanwhile, it's probably too late to head off the calls the middle school made to Child Protective Services.

In other survival stories, we seemed to have successfully pulled off Operation Wisdom Teeth Liberation for Chaco yesterday.  I was cast in the prestigious role of Designated Driver.

They'd said that the entire appointment would last about an hour, and that was surprisingly accurate.  Since I was "required" to hang around, I brought my work bag along with the novel I'm currently reading.  I pretended to do a bit of work stuff, never cracked open the novel, and mostly just caught up on waiting area Reader's Digest.

After the procedure was finished, I was led to a groggy Chaco who said, "MMF FFFMM  MFFFMMMFFM".

"I can't understand a word your saying", I answered.


"I still can't understand a word you're saying", I continued.

"MMMMFF FFMMWWMMM...."  and so on...

Eventually, his speaking ability returned.  Everything seems to be healing up as expected.  We went shopping for "old man food" last night.  He's not pleased that the pound cake he was so looking forward to is mostly gone already.

Having never been "under", I asked him about the anesthesia experience.

"AH WOE  UH EN..."  Oh never mind that, I'll just translate what he sort of said.

He said he remembered waking up in the middle of the procedure and could feel a sensation of one of his teeth being removed.  The ceiling tiles (white) were blue.  The light was blue.  The people standing over him were blue.  Then he went back to sleep.

Made me wonder.  Were The Smurfs inspired by a drug high?


ShadowRun300 said...

Now The Smurfs make total sense! I think you're on to something there.
You got some tough kids. Meego reminds me of Amp. He's never cold. I thought it funny that even if he hadn't misread the thermometer, he thought 37 degrees was warm enough for shorts.
Hope Chaco has a quick recovery, and that he's able to enjoy what's left of the pound cake.

Abby said...

Yeah, I don't even know why I bother to buy him long pants. It's a wonder he even put the pullover on when he saw 37.

Anita said...

When you reach 50 and have your colonostopy, you'll have your chance to go under. :)

Glad everything went well with Chaco's wisdom teeth removal. When my oldest had the surgery, I took a couple pictures of her in the 2 by 4 recovery room; mouth filled with wadded gauze and a bizarre look on her face.

Abby said...

Yes, it was total photo op time, but I missed that window! Gee, thanks for the colonoscopy reminder. Can't wait. Not.

Anita said...

I'll be around to read about it on your blog. :)

And... I thought it was something odd about the sound of the word when I was writing it - the southern version, perhaps. lol

terri said...

Kids don't care what the weather is. Mine never wore jackets in the dead of winter if they were headed to school. Supposedly there was no room in the locker for such things as winter jackets.

Good to hear Chaco came through his extractions relatively painlessly. Between my three kids, there were multiple oral surgeries. Only Kacey remembers waking up. She said they told her, "Go back to sleep." So she did.

There was no shortage of chipmunk cheeks between the three either.

Larz said...

Liam insists on wearing shorts and sandals in all seasons. There were a couple of days this week where he broke the shoes out of storage though.

agg79 said...

Glad to hear Chaco is doing better and not down in the mouth over the whole deal (sorry, I had to do that). I've been under a couple of times and it really messes with your head a lot. Last time was when I had my dislocated shoulder and all I remember is dreaming about Prancing Ponies.

And what is it with kids and shorts nowadays? My kid was still wearing shorts and sandals when it was in the low 40s.

Rock Chef said...

The Smurfs were almost certainly inspired by drugs,just like Dumbo and Mickey Mouse...

Guano said...

I've only been "out" once. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Kinda disappointed, actually.

Had one wisdom tooth pulled; only got a local. Watched the extraction in the reflection of the dentist's glasses. Eww. He held the chisel in place, his assistant whacked it with a hammer until it broke free. Went to work that night.

And yeah, I can't pass up a Reader's Digest either!