Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the unhitching

 Last Friday, I placed an ad for our cargo trailer.  Our 2004 5x8 smooth skined tube steel framed floor cross membered wall uprighted and roof bowed aluminum roofed with a fiberglass nose coned
undercoated bodied rear barn doored 24" rock guarded swivel up jacked fold-down stabilizer jacked 3/4" plywood floored 2" ball hitched trailer.


I began fielding inquiries right away.  Who knew there was so much interest in a...(no way I'm describing it again...) trailer?

Some were a bit sketchy.  Some weren't worth responding to.

One of them read:

"...As soon as you get back to me with the above info,the payment will be sent to you by FEDEX and you don't need to worry about the shipping,i have a shipping agent that will come for the pick up and the documentation because i also purchased some farm equipment which will also be shipped... i will be sending an excess fund that will include the shipper fund,soon as you receive the payment, go and cash the check in your bank and deduct your charges and send the rest of the fund to the shipper via western union..."

Oh, come ON!  Isn't that one of the oldest scams in the book?  Does this look like a stupid person's trailer??

I just flagged that one as spam, but part of me wants to play his silly game and somehow nab him.  But I guess I'll just leave it alone.

And yesterday, our loyal trailer left us.  Had we really had it for nine years?  It's strange to feel an empty spot for a trailer, but I admit that I kind of do.  She was our toy hauler.

In the end, she went to a nice man from Denver.  An artist actually.  He travels around to art shows and fairs and was sick of renting from U-(know who).   We discussed art fairs and watercolors while Chaco, who is still on winter break, talked the trailer into releasing her hold on the frozen ground.  Really, it was like the trailer didn't want to leave.

But, they left.  I waved.  To the artist.  And the trailer formerly known as ours.


ShadowRun300 said...

U-(know who).... trailer formerly known as ours. Very funny. :)
You probably could have had some fun with the scam artist, but sometimes it's not worth the effort. Sad that some people fall for that though.
Anyway, congrats on getting your trailer to a good home. Any new toys on the horizon for you?

Rock Chef said...

I hope is happy in his new home.

terri said...

That is a many-featured trailer! Who wouldn't want one?

A co-worker's college-age son was recently the target of the same scam. He was ready to fall for it. Thankfully, he asked his mom for help in figuring out how to comply with the instructions and she quickly put a stop to it.

Abby said...

I figure karma will get Mr. Farm Equipment.
As far as new toys... knee physical therapy, braces, and wisdom teeth extraction?

Abby said...

Me too!

Abby said...

It is sad that many fall for similar scams. Good thing he consulted Mom!

ShadowRun300 said...

Ooohh... those sound fun! I'm guessing as nice as that trailer was, your new "toys" will probably cost more. :/

Guano said...

Seriously. We've considered compiling short stories into a coffee table book entitled "Adventures in Craigslist". Every transaction we've had has been unique -- definitely not your regular retail experience! I really think some people sell/buy stuff on Craigslist more for the interpersonal interaction than the goods themselves. We've even made a secret little game of "Don't End the Conversation" just to see how long they'll talk. No prodding, just not being the first one to say (literally or subliminally), "Ok, gotta go!"

Box o' chocolates out there.....

agg79 said...

Nice trailer. Looked to be in fine shape. Glad she found a good home.

And that is an old scam. I have a friend that got one a while back and he played along with them for a while to see how long he could keep them on the hook. I think it would have been fun to string him along just to see how far you could go.