Friday, December 21, 2012

can you feel it, baby?

The secret to getting ahead is getting started 
Come on come on 
Feel it feel it
Feel the vibration
~ Marky Mark Twain

The world is still here.  I guess we'll have to pay the master card bill for this month after all.  Darn Mayans anyway.

I've been busy this morning taking care of bidness, and we are currently still Christmas treeless.  That status should change within the next few hours.  If not, we may have to uproot one of the baby trees from the backyard.

In the meantime, how 'bout those New Year's resolutions!?  Got any?

Last year, my main goal was to cook more real food.  I think I improved on that.  But considering where I'd come from...

I've not got Marky Mark Twain abs, but I keep trying anyway.  And my records show that I've logged 1,084 running miles so far this year.  I'm happy enough with that considering I didn't run a step for 10 weeks while waiting for the bum foot to heal.

For this year, I haven't fashioned any specific goals, but I've been thinking along the lines of future employment.  The tutor/crossing guard combo works out well with the family dynamic for now, but it's not a long-range vision.  Since the lottery gods aren't likely to shine on me, I would at least like to have a formulated plan in place.

I'm just in the thinking-about-things stage for now.  As far as immediate goals, a Christmas tree would be nice.

Since the world looks to be sticking around, got any plans?


  1. I'm just hoping to make it into the new year. Got lots of last minute crises to fix, things to do. Hope that I can improve my planning for next year. Need to run more. Get the Mustang running again. Fix a few more things around the house. Nothing concrete, but small bites. For now, just getting the tree decorated and finish shopping are my short term goals.

    1. I also have to get the short term stuff out of the way before looking further down the road. Does the shopping ever end? Someone needs to tell my kids.

  2. Now that the world didn't end, I guess I'll have to finish Christmas shopping. I'm not even close to being done. :/
    I haven't thought much about New Year's resolutions or goals. I know I'd like to continue logging a bunch of running miles. I'd also like to spend less time fretting about work, and more time enjoying my days off.
    And at some point, I hope to have tried every recipe I've pinned to pinterest. Ha. Problem is, I just keep pinning.....
    Can't wait to see if you were able to meet your short term goal.

    1. I haven't seemed to have gotten past "Ooh, that's looks good" from my new recipe feeds either. Next year!
      And yes! We have a tree! No photos, though. She's naked.

  3. I amaze even myself how unproductive I can be sometimes! I have a few days off for the holiday break; my goal is not to waste them. Nothing lofty ("save world - check"), but perhaps at least one thing daily for mind, body, spirit, family.

    And build that retaining wall....

    1. Time flies when you waste it...
      One category I can check off was to dump a "toxic" relationship. With our insurance agent. FREEDOM!

  4. No real aims for next year except maybe to get into a band or something.

    1. I think that counts as a real aim.

  5. I like the way you set your goals ... nothing unattainable, just realistic ways to improve life. I think I'll try to follow that lead. I haven't really given any thought to resolutions for the coming year. Last year I wanted to cook more too. Sometimes I did, sometimes I fell off the cooking wagon. I think I'll keep working on that. Some of the family members are paying more attention to eating better, so there's more motivation. I think any other goals would just play into being more organized and healthy in life. I'll work on getting more specific in the next week or so! :-)