Friday, December 7, 2012

but it's got a great personality!

Lately, we've been thinking a little more about replacing the beloved Subaru.  Her latest collapse a few weeks ago was yet another reminder that maybe we should just put her out of her misery.  I've turned my thoughts halfheartedly into thinking about a replacement.

In another life, I might not even own a car.  But that's just impractical with kids and all.  Still, I try to drive as little as possible.  Magnum and I are usually on the same page regarding our vehicle preferences.   Functionality, reliability, and economy are priorities.

Every day, I'm out at my crosswalk, checking out the different cars going by.  It's like a parade, just for me, but nothing has perked me up. I sigh and think, welp, we can just get another Subaru, for lack of any other inspiration.

Last night, Magnum and I were taking an old folk's walk (pedometer love!) and started talking cars.  We narrowed our options down to makes we would consider, but that's as far as we got.  Until...

He started criticizing a certain model.  While criticizing this model, he brought up attributes I was unaware of, as in, "ALTHOUGH it was designed for outdoorsy people... DESPITE it's favorable reviews...  I ACKNOWLEDGE it's got nice cargo capacity..."

As I was listening, I'm thinking, "I want one of those!"

Bottom line for Magnum?  He doesn't like how it looks.

What?  Since when do LOOKS matter to  him??  (don't answer)

All curious, I started researching the ugly things this morning.

I looked into our finances and the trade-in value of the Subaru.  I found some used ugly things in our price range around town and beyond.  I checked with my friend Cuckoo (really, that's his name) who sells cars in the next town over.  Sadly, Cuckoo doesn't currently have a suitable ugly thing.  He could probably find us one, though.

I want one of those ugly things.  Or at least I want to go drive a few ugly things.  I phoned a local salesman whose got an ugly thing on his lot.  We'll probably visit him and the ugly thing tomorrow.

Has my Asperger man learned reverse psychology?

Nah... too bad.  He must really think they're ugly


terri said...

Looks only go so far before you get bored. You definitely have to make your choice based on personality. The ugly thing sounds like it will fit right in with your family.

ShadowRun300 said...

Some things are so ugly, they're cute!
I admit, I bought my car based on its looks, but that's about all it's good for. Our most practical car is the Fit, and its looks leave a lot to be desired.
Plus, you don't want your Subaru to think she's being traded in for some hot..... rod.

Abby said...

I actually kinda like its looks because it doesn't look like every other vehicle out there. And you're right, once the infatuation's over, better have good personality!

Abby said...

That's what I said, so ugly it's cute. However, I stand corrected... he says he doesn't think they're ugly, he thinks they look "stupid". Hmmm... so stupid it's smart?

Either way, he's agreed to go sit in one :)

Rock Chef said...

I would have thought an ugly 4x4 would be compulsory in your part of the world.

Abby said...

If not, it should be!

CiCi said...

Seeing beyond the ugly shows your maturity. A car is after all just a vehicle. We get so attached to things for the strangest reasons. I never was good at picking out a serviceable car. What it looked like was the first priority. The car I have now was picked out for me by the Kia dealer and it has been the best car for me ever.

Duble said...

i read this and thinking of stupid cars that have been around long enough to have used ones. I now your not telling, but i am stumped, lots of cargo, 4X4 and stupid.

All i gots is a forester.

Jimmy said...

I have owned a large number of ugly vehicles in my lifetime and sometimes you just have to glance over the looks, besides when it comes down to agreeing on a particular car it always comes down to the one Cindy likes Ha Ha

Anita said...

My black van looks like a hearse, but I've grown to think she's really pretty and "lively" looking.

agg79 said...

Isn't ugly the new beautiful? I've some real dogs out there on the road of late. But they say that beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.