Saturday, November 10, 2012


This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Tree".  At first, I thought I'd do a cute little bonsai, but then decided I'm still not quite done with October, even though my calendar says otherwise.

So I painted this, and it's kind of a celebratory entry to commemorate the end of the raking.  Our trees are pretty much empty.  The bags are not.

And no, Kat did not model for this painting (seriously?).  I didn't want to block out too much of the tree.


  1. I just remembered that both the black cat and the owl have those creepy yellow eyes. Did the cat run the owl away and take his spot in the trees?

    Have you posted a pic of Kat the cat since she's become... uh, voluptuous?

  2. I wondered if it was Kat, but I don't suppose you encourage her to sit in tree branches, considering...

    Love the yellow eyes! They're very dramatic.

  3. Yes the eyes do grab your attention, Nice :)

  4. Very nice Abby. It's plain to see he's lost his camouflage with the leaves gone, yet he hasn't figured that out yet.

  5. Love the owl like features on the cat! He looks quite confident up there, even without all the leaves as lotta joy mentioned.
    Do you even have a tree big enough for Kat? ;)

  6. i like this a lot! it reminds me a little of charles (or chas) addams, do you know his work?

    1. Just looked him up - fun! Thank you!

  7. Is your cat's name Kat? I like it. Nice illo. You're a step a head of me on the leaf raking thing. No bags filled, empty trees :)