Monday, October 1, 2012

take it off!

Our October rolled in like a big dark grey thing this morning.  It was noticeably more chilly than a typical morning at the crosswalk.  Not freeze-the-buns-off just yet, but I know it's coming.

With the start of another month, I've signed up again for the "blog everyday" business.  This month's theme is "Mask", and

"This month we're going to throw off our masks and speak frankly with one another, opening up on a wide range of topics.  Don't worry; it won't be spooky and scary: it will be freeing."

Okay, now you know you want to jump in.  Go ahead, click the thing!:

  NaBloPoMo October 2012

One thing I like about blogging is that I think (interesting) bloggers feel comfortable baring themselves - maybe a little more than they do in real life.  Figuratively, that is... *ahem*

SO, to get into the spirit of things, I thought maybe I would spew a few intimate things that I haven't yet spewed here.

... Then I thought, "Sheesh, what's left??"

  • I am currently listening to Backstreet Boys Radio on Pandora.  Got somethin' to say 'bout that?!
  • I got a haircut last week.  It's shorter than my usual do.  I didn't think it all THAT much shorter, but Aspie man Magnum noticed right away, so I guess it is:

  • My first thought on looking at this webcam pic is "Migosh, it's Mom!"
  • The blog commentor "Guano"?  For those who don't know, that's my little big brother (we have an older one too).  Blog, Guano.  Guano, Blog.
  • I look like him too, except he's a guy.
  • That pic at the top of the blog.  NO, that's not me, in case anyone was wondering  (really?).  That's Wolfgang on the lovely and fast Tessa 
  • Gonna go now because "My Everything" by 98 Degrees is playing and I hafta sing along.

Whew, cleansing!!


agg79 said...

From the topic line, I wasn't sure where this was heading. After all, you are on this minimalist run kick lately. It's good to see you "let you hair down" and share this with us. Always interesting to get a peek behind the curtains once in a while. But BSBs??? I'm more of a Nickleback fan...

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh I assumed the photo at the top was you.

Backstreet boys?? Okay no comment. Actually I have one of their cds, but then I'm a dj I have to. :D

I like your new hair!

Abby said...

Now let's not get carried away with the minimalism!

Abby said...

I'm a closet boy band listener no more. So freeing!

Wolfgang is only half offended that he was mistaken for me since it's only half of him in the photo and, technically, he's half me.

ShadowRun300 said...

It's always fun to learn a little bit more about a fellow blogger, so thanks for spewing! I meant to ask you about your tattoo while I was muddin' with ya, but time went too quickly. Maybe you can spew about that sometime...
Glad to hear you've committed to another month of daily blogging! I should probably sign up, but I'm afraid... what if I miss a day???
98 Degrees isn't so bad! I'm very tempted to buy Justin Bieber's new song off of ITunes, but then I remembered he's Justin Bieber, and I'm not 14... but I still like it! :)

GuanoBro said...

I'd love to blog, but a busy, regimented work environment sorta sucked the creativity out of me -- plus I could never match up to my sibling's creativity!
And your new hairdo confirms it: You're the cutest of the litter :-)

Rock Chef said...

Backstreet Boys Radio - how does that work? Do they sponsor it? Are they the DJs? Do they just play loads of their music?

Abby said...

Backstreet Boys as DJs?? OH no no no...
It's Pick an artist or genre and it just plays that kind of stuff until you make it stop.

Abby said...

Yeah... so where's my shrine?

Abby said...

Got the Bieber fever??
And yeah, what happens if I miss a day? Will they fire me? Knock ten points off? Send big people to break my legs? Not sure. I blog daily out of fear.
Tattoo spew? Hmmm...

lotta joy said...

Because you read my blog (thank you) you know I recently started revealing the things that have made me who I am. It felt SO cleansing. 3/4 of my readers probably wouldn't have liked me in person, because I don't spill my guts in real life.

But, due to my honestly, I'm pretty sure that in "real life", ALL of my readers would like me in person. Blogs can be healing for the one writing and the ones reading.

Abby said...

I appreciate your honesty and am glad your blog revelations were so cleansing. I know I would like you in person! (Will you redo my kitchen floor??)

Jimmy said...

I keep saying that I have to check into this Pandora thingie, once I do I will most likely be listening to something besides the Backstreet Boys :)

I too have most likely shared more than I should on my blog, I have had folks who were part of the stories contact me to say they didn't like being mentioned, but it is my blog and it's not like I said anything that would come back to haunt them, so now days I mostly pick on myself and Cindy, but I do enjoy blogging and meeting new people who enjoys life as much as I do.

Blogging is a good place to get things off your chest and talk out things no one seems to want to talk about, I look back and talk about things from my past and by doing so rather than bore those around me I am just practicing my stories for the Grand babies :)

terri said...

Like the 'do!

Got nuthin' to say about the Backstreet Boys. Nope. I still listen to Rick Springfield now and then. Who am I to judge?

I never think I look like my siblings until I look in the mirror from an odd angle sometimes. Then I realize we actually do look alike.

I've noticed Guano's comments here. Never occurred to me he was your brother... HI GUANO! Nice to meetcha!

Anita said...

"I" knew those were the arms, hands, and legs of a teen-aged boy. :)

Anita said...

It's amazing how our moms creep up on occasion as we look in a mirror or at a photo.

I've looked at your photo and tried to figure out the look. It's normal, natural, but a little intimidating, too. :)

Good luck with the hair. I usually cut to that length, too, but it seems like a month later, the inch or so of growth has made more of a difference that it would have on longer hair.