Monday, October 29, 2012

since we're sharing...

Last week, I made the trek down to Magnum's workplace.  In my trenchcoat...

Just kidding.

I went there because it was employee health-screening-for-money time.  Spouses too.  They offer cash incentives for jumping through certain health hoops, so we jump.  One of the hoops is a pretty simple health screening:  height, weight, blood glucose, total cholesterol, hdl cholesterol, blood pressure.  This year they added waist measurement.

Anyway, I arrived and there was a significant line, but no worries.  I had an appointed time.  So when I saw that the appointed times didn't mean anything, that they were just taking first-come-first-served, I think my blood pressure went up.

After all, I didn't actually work there.  I was just a moocher spouse.  I had a crosswalk waiting with my name on it.  In the end, I managed to get myself moved to the front of the line (good thing I was in that trenchcoat - Just kidding).  My blood pressure came in within acceptable range, despite the high pressure situation.

Actually, my blood pressure is consistently low - 92/60 this time.  A bit higher than usual no doubt due to my agitated state.  I mention it because I was reading at Anita's, and she mentioned having to go on The Pill... for hypertension. I think if mine were much lower, the professionals would suggest a pill to wake me up.

Like Anita, I hope to remain free from the pharmaceuticals.  So far, I've managed, but that's not to say I shun all  "pills".  She got me thinking about the supplements I take daily.

I've got the multi-vitamin + iron, labeled with my name for protection of the menfolk, since the bottle otherwise looks just like Magnum's.  Then I've got the vitamin D that I take in the winter, the fish oil because Wolfgang heard it's supposed to be good for eyesight (note that we both still need our glasses), glucosamine for joint health,  the calcium/magnesium/zinc pill for... uhm.... superpowers?

Round it out with a 2-bagger mug of tea and a coffee (not shown) with coffeemate.

It's like an old lady ritual!  I'm wondering, when did this all even happen?  I remember taking children's vitamins when I was little.  Remember the Flintstone's chewables?  Tasted like bad rum and coke?

And I do question if they're actually doing anything.  I guess one way to find out would be to just stop taking them for a while and see what happens.  Will I get achy and stupid?  With (worse) blurred vision?

I guess I'll just keep faithfully taking them.  It's not worth raising my blood pressure over.

*note the small prescription drug bottle in the background.  Them's China's - to prepare for her ear thing*


agg79 said...

PRetty good BP there. I am in a fairly decent range myself (110/60) but I usually chalk that up to good genes (running helps). Good that you are taking advantage of the screening. You can never be too careful about getting checked out.

Nice array of pills. If you get any more, you're gonna need one of those pill keepers. I am only three myself: Omaprazole (generic version of Prilosec), Centrum Silver for the vitamins and Advil (because I am getting old and rusty). We haven't had to resort to pills for the dogs, yet, but Shadow used to take about 5 per day for his various problems.

ShadowRun300 said...

Must. Have. Coffee(mate). Out of all you've shown, it's the only thing we have in common. I probably should take more supplements, but right now I just try to get my vitamins through food. I sure hope it's working, because I would like to delay any type of pill popping til absolutely necessary.
Does the Vitamin D help make you happier during the winter? Because I've been VERY tempted to try it throughout our dreary winters.

Jimmy said...

Old Lady Ritual Ha Ha, I remember my Granddad having all of his pill bottles in a wash pan, a couple times a day he would dump them out on the table and count out what he needed, I laughed then but now I cant even remember which ones to take, I keep them in the daily pill reminder boxes and refill before the last day is up, this way I just match them up Ha Ha

Guess I shouldn't have laughed, at least he didn't need a pill reminder box Ha Ha

Yep I say just keep taking them, your blood pressure is good so lets not mess with that.

Abby said...

It is nice of them to pay us to at least think about being/getting healthy. And I refuse to get the pill keeper!
China takes a senior vitamin and a doggie glucosamine. She's not a fan of the meds.

Abby said...

I do seriously wonder if the supplements do anything. It seems like eating right would be better, but this is easier!
I started the vitamin D a couple of winters ago. A guy here I know who bicycles everywhere told me he was feeling sluggish and thought he was anemic. He found out he was low in vitamin D and it's a common thing in the wintertime. I thought, hmm, I"m feeling sluggish too. I'm nothing if not gullible.

Abby said...

I have a friend who has a rule of thumb of one prescription medication for every decade of life. I'll fight it to the grave! Along with the pill keeper!

Abby said...

Oh... I meant to say that, bottom line, I do think the vitamin D makes a difference. I used to want to sleep through the winter. Now I'm up and obnoxious.

Guano said...

Either I'm not that disciplined or routine-oriented, but my 1-a-day multi is usually a 2-or-3-a-week multi. Don't know what will happen when I actually NEED to take a pill on a regular basis, but I'll bet my prescriptions will last a long time! Rarely do I resort to pain relievers, and even then it's just aspirin....

Hey, nice BP. Lotsa heartbeats left :-)

ShadowRun300 said...

I got a bottle for my hubby last year because he's always so crabby during the winter... it's still full. lol I kinda believe that the winter blues might be caused by lack of vitamin D, so perhaps I'll give it a whirl.

Abby said...

I think you skimped on the Flintstone's chewables too.

terri said...

I've learned a few things from this post and the comments - must get some extra vitamin D. I'm already feeling the urge to sleep through the winter.

I take a multi-vitamin and a fish oil pill every day. (I heard the fish oil was brain food. Figured I really needed some of that.) I think they really do work. At my last couple of physicals, the doctor kept saying she couldn't believe how healthy I am. I don't work all that hard at it, so I was wondering what's going on with her other patients. But my cholesterol was off-the-charts good. I don't eat that well and my genetics aren't that great. It HAS to be the supplements.