Tuesday, October 16, 2012

one for the books

I planned it all out in advance.

I knew precisely the time I would launch.  My route was fixed.  My equipment was sound and flawless.  I had methods and strategies for dealing with uncertainties and distractions that I had practiced many times.

This was the level of preparation necessary to optimize every condition so I would break the record.

I went over my checklist.  Then I went over it again.   Then I went over it a third time.

Finally, there was nothing left to do but go for it.

I fired up the Civic and embarked.  Everything went so smoothly.  Traffic and weather conditions were not even factors.

I moved with precision and surgical accuracy, picking off my checkpoints one by one until I entered the crucial stage.  I was momentarily caught in an uncontrollable spin, but was able to right myself.  And fortunately, the efficiency I'd managed to that point provided the necessary cushion to still reach my goal.

With much fanfare, I completed the final phase and pulled the Civic smoothly into the garage.

YES!!!  Eighty-plus dollars worth of groceries grabbed, purchased, bagged, and in the house in less than 30 minutes!  A new PR!!  I'm SO awesome!

I know just how this guy feels!

Okay, maybe not.


ShadowRun300 said...

I don't know what's more impressive - making record time or only spending $80. You must share your secret!
Curious to know what put you in a tail-spin. Another shopper? A slow cashier? A school crossing zone? :)

Abby said...

It was an episode of the cashier light going from steady to the dreaded flash. Easily resolved, however. Whoo, stars were aligned.

AHAviews said...

I'm not the only one then. Phew!

CiCi said...

That is a record indeed. I can't buy groceries in that amount of time. But maybe now I will try.

Abby said...

I shouldn't be ungrateful, but grocery shopping is one of my least favorite duties. I need to make it a game.

Abby said...

No, there must be others too!

Jimmy said...

Less than 30 minutes, heck it takes me longer than that to get out to the car, guess thats why Cindy leaves me at home Ha Ha

Anita said...

A big Congratulations!!! May you be blessed with many repeat performances. :)

Funny pic/captions!

ps. Girl #2, Girl #3 and I just happened to turn on the TV while that crazy... oops, I meant brave, man jumped. It was awesome! I told the girls to say a prayer for him. :)

terri said...

30 minutes? I think I spend that much time standing in line waiting for the cashier to get to me sometimes! Way to go!