Wednesday, October 24, 2012

face it

I've had several over the years.  I don't remember any particular one or any particular reason.  I just felt I  should have one because I prefer to see them on others' blogs.

It's from the webcam.  I was just home from a tutor session and doing some paperwork, checking my e-mail, and decided to smile for the camera.  So I made one.  A smile, that is.  Purple.  Purple broad tip Sharpie on a note card.

When I go blog hopping, searching on a particular interest, I get a page full of profile summaries with profile images.  Whether or not I decide to visit a certain blog depends a lot on the profile photo, with not much else to go on.

When someone first visits my blog and leaves a comment, their profile pic is part of the comment too.  It's part of my first impression just as if we were meeting for the first time face to face.

So for that reason, I've figured I should have one too.

How important is a profile image?  I prefer photos of the bloggers themselves.  I like to see their faces for some reason - to put a face to the words I guess.  It's not a requirement, but a preference.  Maybe I'm just nosy.  Maybe it makes them more "real" to me.

Of course, on the internet, we can almost make our profile pics whatever we want.  It's a handy masking device.  Even if it is a head shot, it can be of a totally different person.  It can be manipulated in photoshop or similar.  It can be from the past.

So mine?  It's me.  Mostly.

Sharpies are permanent.  Keep smiling.

From the NaBloPoMo prompt:
"Tell us about your profile photo or the picture you use on your "about me" page."


terri said...

Mine is the real me, just about a year younger than I am now.

Other blogs do seem more welcoming when there's a real person's photo somewhere within view. I've linked back to a few commenters and sometimes can't even tell if it's a male or female. It's just harder to connect when you don't really know.

Jimmy said...

I have always used pictures of myself for my profile pic, mostly current and a throwback a couple of times just for fun, the one you see now is a current one of me and the hat I still wear almost everyday :)

I like seeing peoples faces also.

D.Shawnte said...

I feel bad that I hardly ever put my own face as a profile picture. The only ones I have of me are on Facebook. :S Idk...I like to add different images in my profile page mainly because I like to get creative. xD

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm like you. I like to see pics of the bloggers so I can relate to them more, yet I don't have one of myself. Instead, I have a hot roddin' motorcycle mama as my pic. I've posted actual pics of myself in some of my blogs though.
When I signed up with blogspot in order to be able to comment on your posts, I guess I forgot to attach a photo. I'm gonna head over now and try to change that... It still won't be of me though. I hate posing for the camera.

Rock Chef said...

Mine is the real me too - sorry about that!

Abby said...

I know, you're so stealth. There's only one photo of you I remember you posting, and you were in cosplay! Good enough for me :)

Abby said...

You are a bit stingy with the self-photos :), but I knew you were neither a hot roddin' motorcycle mama graphic nor a white "B" on orange background!

Abby said...

Ha! No apologies necessary! And, as I remember, Agg79 took that profile pic. While visiting the queen?

Abby said...

I figured that was the case. Thinking, I bet that's the true Jimmy - hat and all!

Abby said...

It just helps with the connection. I remember the dark ages when online friends were just words. I wonder how we would picture each other if that were still the case. I think I would picture you just like you are!

LL Cool Joe said...

My photo is me from a about 3 years ago. Maybe I should up date it. At one time I had a photo of LL Cool J, but thought I'd be brave and show myself instead. It must have been a big disappointment for many! :D

Anita said...

Count me in as one who likes seeing a picture of the person I'm communicating with. It can be creative, ie., Sharpie Pen lips, serious, funny, etc.

What a coincidence that your writing prompt was about profile pics; that my last post was similar. Now, I'm giving it more thought. I used to do full body shots to avoid the "close ups" and all that it entails. But then, I felt that I wasn't showing enough of my "nice to meet'cha face," so I now have the head shot.

agg79 said...

Mine is a self-portrait I took on top of a mountain at Philmont many years ago. I've always been a bit self conscious about my pictures and have never found one I really like. I should go out and get a newer picture, but everything I have makes me look either stupid or silly. Guess I'm not cut out to be a Hollywood actor. I agree that is is good to see the person you are talking with/to on the net to get an idea, but I think you have a great smile without the sharpie.