Friday, September 28, 2012

gave in

I rarely buy books.  Unless for work or one of the kids' required reading for school, I get books at the library.  I'm a minimalist, remember?  It's not just that library books are free already paid for, the library stores them for me too!

When I first heard about that naughty book that went all viral, I didn't plan to read it.  It's not really my usual fare.  But I gave in to the hype.  Several women I know have read it as well as several I don't know.  From the reviews I've read,  readers either love it or hate it.  But it's curious to me what makes a book get so popular when others go essentially unnoticed.

So, under the guise of in the name of social research, I put a library hold on the book a little over a week ago.  Yesterday, I got the message that it was ready for pick up, so I headed to the library today.

As I searched for my name on the hold shelf, I noticed that Magnum also had a book available for pick up.  Since I'm the resident library gopher, I grabbed his too.  Really, as far as the rest of the family is concerned, when one of them puts a book on hold, it magically appears at the house.  Likewise, when they've finished it, they drop it into a bag, and it's magically returned.  Yah, they'll miss me when I'm gone.

In truth, though, it's a very enjoyable bike ride to the library and back.  It's part of how I justify having two bicycles.

Anyway, back to checking out my naughty book.  I'd planned to just check the thing out at the self-checkout kiosk - the library version of plain brown wrapper.  But Magnum's book was an interlibrary loan, meaning I would have to get it from an actual library person.  *sigh*  Fine.

The actual library person was this older grandmotherly woman and I was suddenly a bit self conscious about checking out the naughty book.  I sheepishly handed her the book along with the claim slip for Magnum's.  I fumbled around with the keyring I keep all of the library cards on.

"Yep, I've got the WHOLE FAMILY'S  cards here, heh", I mentioned as she requested mine then Magnum's cards.  Just going to show what a boring, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary-certainly-no-sexual-deviancies wife and mom I was.

She completed the transaction and handed me the books with a sly, little, not-so-grandmotherly grin.

I was so busy trying to look ordinary, that I didn't bother to see what book Magnum had reserved until I got home and emptied my bag.

It's a book on the many uses of human powered cranking, treadling, and pumping.

Of course it is.


ShadowRun300 said...

I'm lovin' Magnum more and more! What's funny is that my hubby always reads books that are informative, never for entertainment. Maybe they aren't about cranking, treadling and pumping, but informative just the same.
As far as your dirty book..(stickin' with the Dirty Girl theme I see)I won't repeat the warning my mother gave me. But I will warn you that it may put you in the mood to clean house. ;)

Jimmy said...

I read quite a bit myself, but I am all over the place on the books I read, just what hits my fancy so to say at the time, not sure if the Dirty Girl book would hit my fancy though

agg79 said...

I guess even the librarian has to agree, Abby leads an "interesting" life. I hope you and Magnum enjoy all that literary adventures.

I am still old school when it comes to reading. I prefer an old book over an e-reader. Something about turning the page, seeing how far you have to go, dog-earing a page. Not sure if I will ever give that up at this stage. I am looking for a good read for my upcoming road trip.

Abby said...

Magnum will get a "guilty pleasure" book once in a while. Usually involves a sniper or two.
NO need to repeat your mom's warning, I remember it well. And the "house" could always use a good earth-moving cleaning!

Abby said...

"hit" your fancy... I see what you did there.

Abby said...

You know, I think that grandmotherly librarian has also read The Book, from that look she gave me!
I still prefer books too, for the reasons you mention.

terri said...

A friend once told me she thought the beauty of the e-reader is that you could read those naughty books without anyone knowing. Not sure that's a good thing...

For the record, I enjoyed the viral book enough to read the trilogy. There's a unique love story behind all the hype and I'm a sucker for a good love story.

Abby said...

In all honesty, it's the relationship dynamic between the two characters that made me decide to check out the book, not the... other stuff. Honestly.

D.Shawnte said...

Hahahah should I even ask what the book was called? That's so embarrassing xD. And i'm pretty sure the library lady probably knows whats in the book too :s.

LL Cool Joe said...

Reminds of the time I want to the post chemists and bought a large pot of vaseline. For chapped lips of course.

Hope you both enjoyed the books. :D

LL Cool Joe said...

Sorry I'm tired I wrote post office and chemists. Ha.