Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Readers will be thrilled to know that I totally owned Meego's school supply list.  We prepped and strategized so well that the whole experience will hardly even be a blip on the credit card screen.

Afterwards, while basking in my success, I went online to get everyone's registrations in order.  That was all going quite smoothly too.  And then I hit the "fees" tab.

They make it so easy.  Just check off the items that apply and then pay the grand finale total.  There was the

  • you're-a-senior-now fee
  • you-ride-a-bus fee
  • you're-in-IB fee
  • you-participate-in-fall-sports fee
  • you-participate-in-band fee
  • you-must-have-the-official-planner fee
  • you're-required-to-wear-this-shirt-for-PE fee

along with the optional

  • better-buy-a-yearbook-or-your-kid-will-be-alienated fee
  • buy-school-pics-or-regret-it-forever fee
  • load-up-the-lunch-account-so-your-kid-doesn't-starve fee

and last but not least, the

  • thank-you-for-paying-your-fees fee

Let me just add the disclaimer that I'm not against paying these fees.  I do believe that these extras should be paid for by money not of the "general fund".  And there is some success here too.  I did not buy the home-game sports pass nor the parking permit.  Still, this will be a blip on the credit card screen.

I thought I might be eligible for some sort of discount though.  I mean, heck, I'm a crossing guard for this district which practically makes me Superintendent.


terri said...

Sure is funny how many fees you have to pay just to have your kids go to school and participate in a few activities. I used to hate all those fees. Course now, it's college expenses so the fees don't look so bad anymore.

ShadowRun300 said...

You nailed it with the fee titles. My kids go to a private school, so we have tuition AND fees. It would seem less painful if they would just raise the tuition and have all the fees included. 'Course then I'd be upset for having to pay fees for activities they weren't in, so I'll just zip it and whip out my checkbook.
But YOU should absolutely receive a discount as Superintendent. I mean, extreme crossing guard.

Linda Hensley said...

It's always good to laugh. It takes the sting out of things. At least Meego won't be ostracized because he's getting the yearbook!

Anita said...

One of my kids is going to a new school (not the neighborhood school). When I got the fees list, I said, "I thought this was public school!" And it is, but wow, the fees are almost 3 times what I'll pay for the other kid. Those international studies must require international currency.

Good work on getting it all done so efficiently! I like the way you wrote about it. You should get a wrapper to sing it. lol

LL Cool Joe said...

I thought you were going to write "Superwoman" rather than "Superintendent".

We have one child in Private education and the other one in a State school. I know all about school fees!

agg79 said...

Bravo! Another year you've been able to own the process. You are becoming a regular, regular at this. That (fees) is one aspect I don't miss from those school years.