Monday, August 27, 2012

Chinese wisdom

On the wall next to my gigadesk, I keep one of those dry-erase calendar boards.  I use it strictly for displaying my Tutorville appointments so others in the household can see the current schedule, so I can see what's ahead, so others can check it if I'm not here and they're wondering on my whereabouts.

I was answering e-mails and filling the calendar in for September this morning.  It was bringing me down, so I stopped to take China out for her beauty walk.

China:  What's your problem?

Me:  I think I've overscheduled myself.
China:  Stupid

Me:  I know.  I keep saying, "Just say No!"
China:  Well...?

Me:  I've got this mom who sounds pretty high-maintenance.  I haven't agreed to any tutoring, but she seems to think that I have.
China:  I've told you before, you've got to be real clear with these people, in a nice way, but clear.

Me:  I know, but she just asked me some questions about her daughter and I gave her some answers.  SHE never asked about MY availability.  I was just answering her questions!
China:  Okay then, you've not committed to anything.

Me:  Right.  Still, I wish I would've answered her e-mail a little differently.
China:  Just e-mail her again after the walk.  Be very clear.

Me:  Yeah.  Or maybe I can fit her in.
China:  Oh come on already.  You'll burn out and your tutoring will suck.  Remember what's-her-face?  Back at that other place you tutored?

Me:  Oh yeah, she had a real unique name... what was it...?
China:  Stop changing the subject.  You remember how she crashed and burned?

Me:  Right.  I'm going to e-mail that mom back.  Tell her I'm full up.
China:  Yeah you are.  And what about Marcie?

Me:  What about Marcie?
China:  Have you called her? You were going to call her for a girly get together after school started.

Me:  Haven't called her.  I wrote it on my list though
China:  Lame.

Me:  Gawd, you're so right.
China:  And you'd better not be considering letting go of that crossing guard job.

China:  Darn right.

Me:  You're so wise.
China:  I know.  Just say "No".  Except when it comes to my bathroom habits - that's your responsibility.  I'm just a dog.


  1. Tell-it-like-it-is-Dr-China. Before you know it, she'll have her own show, helping all of us who have fallen into that 'over-committed, not enough time for me' trap.
    She's right, you know. It's okay to say no. You'll feel better if you do. (Easier said than done, I know....I mean REALLY, I know....)

    1. She's taking appointments. Also available on skype.

  2. Heheheh xD What a clever girl China is xD heheh I agree, China deserves her own show one of these days. I think dogs have a lot to say too you know xD.

    1. Yeah, she definitely earns her keep around here!

  3. That's one smart dog ya got there. I'd take her advice (way better than Dr Phil). Nice therapy session.

    1. She knows her stuff, that's for sure. I guess that's what happens when you're snatched at the last minute from the euthanasia room.

  4. Well darn if that China isn't the smartest dog! I hope she's good for a cuddle and affection now and then too. I hear that dogs really hate it when you only love them for their brains.