Sunday, July 8, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

The Waldo Canyon fire is pretty much in our rear view mirrors now.  Fire crews really got a handle on it over the last week, I don't even notice smoke in the air anymore.  I can't imagine what it would be like to return to something like this.
There are many sad stories, but the families in the burnt homes are resilient and know that the community is behind them.  Donations continue to pour in.  Wolfgang and I were adding to a pile outside a store last week when I thanked one of the women running the donation site.  She echoed what most of us are feeling when she said, "Oh, I just want to do SOMETHING".

Also this past week, many area parks and open spaces reopened and Colorado Springs once again looks like this.

And this  [ouch].

So we're pretty much back to the day-to-day and loving that, however boring it can be.  Boring is good sometimes.  

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on.” 


lotta joy said...

And NOW there will be rains and nothing to grip the earth with, so can mudslides be far behind?

Abby said...

Yep, that's the phase we're in now. The ground is so charred, not only is there nothing to grip it, but it's actually repelling the rain = flash floods.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm so happy to hear things are slowly getting back to normal for you and Colorado. (For selfish reasons too.) I'm sure it's left a scar, not only on the landscape but on a few souls as well. It's heartwarming to see people come together in a time of need, though. Sometimes tragedy brings out the best in people.
Hope you have a great week!

agg79 said...

I agree with Terri, watch out for mudslides and flash floods. Still, it is good to get back to some sense of normalcy. I hope the rains keep coming your way and will continue to give you some relief. Boring can be good.

Scott said...

That's good news. I've seen such resilience and community-mindedness after hurricanes. It's so strange that it takes such horrible disasters to bring us closer together.

PS--I don't mean to seem biased, but I'm especially glad your home was not damaged.

CiCi said...

Boring means no trauma, so I pick boring. I feel like I have had ten lifetimes of stress. So when I see people having to deal with something like losing their homes and all their belongings, I know they are deciding what is important and moving on. I am glad that life is calmer for you now.

LL Cool Joe said...

I just feel for the people who have lost everything. It must be like restarting their lives from scratch. I'm glad you are okay. :)