Wednesday, July 25, 2012

out of the shadows

First of all, I want to give a shout out to my latest Celebrity-Crush-Whose-Feelings-Will-Never-Be-Mutual.

Christian Bale came out to visit Aurora yesterday.  How cool is that?

He and his (so lucky) wife showed up unannounced at the two hospitals where victims of the Batman shootings are.  Then they visited and added flowers to the growing memorial outside the theater.  He did it in such a classy way.  Never alerted any press.  In fact, the local police arranged for him to arrive at the hospitals in an ambulance so no one would be the wiser.  

One of the victims posted a photo of himself with Christian Bale on his facebook page, then the word spread  like... well, let's not say "wildfire".

Stuff like that really does make a difference.

Wolfgang, huge Batman fan, was muchly impressed.  I've mentioned that he doesn't yet know what he wants to be when he grows up?  I think now he wants to be Christian Bale.

Onto other things.  I had a day off today.  Meego is doing summer band, so I've taken some days off from the mid-day tutees.  In the meantime, I'm sharing summer band duties with one of the neighbor moms, and it was her turn today.

I did summer cleaning.

Remember the piles o' crap I removed from the kids' barracks just so they could clean?  They were still there.  My Tough Love Mom defenses came down because I couldn't look at them anymore.  I went through them.

Here's the take:

  • "lost" winter gloves
  • enough socks to stuff a 6 foot Nile Monitor Lizard
  • Wolfgang's band shoes from 8th grade
  • missing cell phone charger
  • gym shorts for school P.E. - still in the school gym bag (!!)
  • Two pairs of rollerblades
  • Back-to-School information from 2010

...and various inconsequential items.

Actually, I'm just happy I didn't find any sandwiches.  Either way, we don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff.   The house is tidier, the garbage dumpster is heavier, I feel cleaner.

You just never know who might come visit.


  1. The news about Christian Bale visiting the hospitals was all over our news today! I was thrilled to hear some good news of Colorado. Hooray for him! What a great role model for Wolfgang!
    I'm always afraid to go through old backpacks and gym bags. I feel the need to put on a gas mask and rubber gloves first! But I'm like you, if it sits there long enough I end up cleaning it up (So the kids win. ugh.)
    And I've given up cleaning for visitors. They're just going to have to see how we really live. ;)

  2. It's not often that a celebrity does something so compassionate, yet in such a modest, unpretentious manner. Christian Bale is a real hero.

  3. It's not often that a celebrity does something so compassionate, yet in such a modest, sincere manner. Christian Bale is a real superhero.

  4. That is the way things should be - I hate it when people use things like this to boost their ego-o-meter.

  5. I think what Christian did was pretty classy. Low key, no photo op. To bad we don't see more of that from other actors/politicians.

  6. When I read "Christian Bale came out to visit Aurora yesterday" I thought wow, came out as gay, good for him that must have been tough with a wife and all that..... sorry, my mind. You know...

  7. Kudos to Christian Bale and his wife. I'm away and not watching the tube, so I missed the media coverage.

    I "did" find a sandwich in a lunchbox from the "previous" school term; and we "do" live in a humid climate. Of course I took a picture of it; though it got bypassed as a blog post.

  8. I saw the news about Christian Bale visiting Aurora and he jumped way up on my list with his unselfish acts.

    Summer Cleaning? We have to SUMMER clean? Darn. I was happy thinking I don't have to clean until spring. Double Darn.

  9. I just became a huge Christian Bale fan. Love celebrities who use their status to do good things.