Thursday, July 19, 2012

it better not try to sell us car insurance

Meego wants a pet.  A reptile.  He's long been interested in reptiles in general - turtle/snake/lizard - and has recenlty narrowed it down to lizard.  Now leaning toward a leopard gecko.

oh.  how.  precious.

Now, don't tell Meego, but this is pretty much a done deal.  I like having pets, but I feel like if we're going to have pets, we should learn about what they entail before we  get a new one.

Last week, when he started going all reptilian, I wanted Meego to shoulder most of the responsibility for reptile acquisition because (1) he should know just what he's asking for, (2)  I wanted to see if this was just a passing interest, and (3) other than summer band, what the heck else "educational" has he got to do right now?  So I told him, "Welp, go do some research".

Geesh, he's turned into the family herpetologist (note:  I wasn't familiar with that term before he informally became one).  He's been homeschooling himself in all things reptile.  It's kind of impressive.  It's kind of driving me nuts.  

Like I said, this is pretty much in the bag.  I definitely see one, if not more, scaly family members in our future.  His enthusiasm is a bit contagious, but I want him to wait.  I told him it would be at least a month before we bring a gecko or anything else home, even though he now knows where every stinking gecko distributor is within a 50 mile radius of our house.

My reasoning?  (a) I had to wait for stuff.  (b) In this world of instant gratification, I think waiting is good. And (c) I had to wait for stuff.

Growing up in a small town, long before the internet, where there weren't that many "real" stores, I often wanted things.  But it was just normal to know that it would be a while before I'd have access to them.  Our family would make trips about once a month to the little bit larger town an hour and a half away.  Finances willing, we would satisfy our consumer wants.  I think waiting for stuff made the stuff more special.

So, he dreams longingly for a cuddly cold-blooded companion.  Because I had to wait for stuff.


ShadowRun300 said...

When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. You're such a cool mom, and it seems like you're growing some pretty cool kids.
My 15 year old wants a hedgehog. I nixed the idea almost immediately. But maybe... if he becomes a hedgehogologist, I'd be willing to let him. I may have to put my foot down on the ferret though. Those things kinda creep me out.
You're exactly right about the waiting... Kids get so much these days, that they hardly can appreciate it all. As well, waiting lets you know if it's a passing phase or not. Good for you!

Rock Chef said...

I had to wait for stuff too!

My younger brother has some lizards, which he loves. Some seem to be more lively and interesting than others. Some are so static you might as well have a stuffed one and forget about the heat lights and special food...

One thing to look up - some types seem to go into a sort of hybernation from time to time - owners sometimes think they have died and - well, you get the idea.

Waiting is good for kids.
I had to waif for stuff too!

lotta joy said...

I posted photos of our little friend Larry, a brown anole. When I did research on him I discovered they are attracted to humans and become familiar and reactive to their voices and happily jump onto your hand.

Our brown anole comes up on the porch whenever we sit there at night and we watch him gather up stray ants.

CiCi said...

I so wish you could tutor my daughter in how to teach kids that instant gratification is not healthy.
That's all I can say about that.

terri said...

I'm normally not one for crawly kinds of things, but this Leopard Gecko is rather cute! I like how you make your kids take responsibility for the things they want, like having them do research and such. There IS too much instant gratification in this world. I'm guilty of contributing to it now and then.

I'm already wondering what his/her name will be. Following the current trends... maybe... Liz?