Sunday, June 3, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

The first unofficial week of summer is complete.  It was pretty laid back as the kids all settle into the idea of not going to school (without much difficulty).  The tutoring schedule is in scaled back mode, and the crossing guard vest is in storage.

Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell(s)
For one slothful activity, we watched an interesting movieMoon is a sci-fi film about this guy, Sam, who has been stationed on the far side of the moon for nearly 3 years.  He oversees the mining of the earth's major source of energy - Helium 3.  His only companion is the onboard robot, Gerty.  Well, he does have some plants and he receives taped messages from his wife, but there is no real-time communication with anyone.

He's coming up on the end of his contract and is fully looking forward to going home at about the time he's injured in an accident.  He wakes up in the infirmary and then things get weird

I won't give away anything else as that would deprive anyone who reads this, and hasn't seen the movie, of the "fun". 

I liked the movie.  Unlike most sci-fi movies that I watch mainly because I'm the lone female in the house, this one left a good lasting impression.  It's not filled with a bunch of CG animations and violence, but is instead very thought provoking.  Perhaps what made it so absorbing for me is that it could actually happen - unlike say, an overwhelming love for a vampire?  An alien race of robots that transform into Chevy's and such? 

It also made me sad.  Just a warning there.  Even now, several days after watching the movie, the kids will point to the moon when I'm around and say, "Awwww...", just to remind me.  Yeah, thanks for that...

In the meantime, we're finalizing some plans for a road trip.  Magnum is the meticulous researcher, so I'm leaving most of the planning to him.  I've reminded him that I don't stand on the side of the road all school year in all kinds of weather and deal with bad drivers just so we can stay in some roach motel.  Plan accordingly.


ShadowRun300 said...

Your only stipulation is a non-roach motel? I wish I was that trusting of the planners in our family. I AM trying to be more open-minded with our trip this year, and allowing the kids to decide what we do. I'm trying....really....
Moon doesn't seem like my kind of movie at all, but I must admit, you've peaked my interest. I may have to try it out.

Judy said...

YAY for a road trip! Hope it is to someplace fun and adventuresome, but not the dark side of the moon (awwww...).

terri said...

I want to see that movie! Thanks for the review!

I'm impressed that Magnum is doing the travel planning. I could never trust Mark to do such things. He can't even remember to feed the dog!

agg79 said...

I've had that movie on the cusp of my Netflix queue for a while. Will have to consider moving it up a few notches.

Ooooh. Road trip. I hope it is a memorable one and that Magnum does not scrimp on the accommodations. You've earned more than a few nights of pampering and make sure to remind him of it.

Anita said...

I'm not familiar with Sam Rockwell, but I'm sure you've drawn an excellent likeness of him.

I might try your brand of slothfulness and try some movies this summer. I seriously lack in that department.

Can't wait to hear the road trip plans!

Larz said...

Thanks to your mention of it, I've just watched Moon. It was quite good for all the reasons you mentioned. I like sci/fi that makes me think. I'm sure they won't make one, but I'd be interested in a sequel. I want to know what happens next. Perhaps I'll write it.

Abby said...

Yes, go write it! It's hard to shake the left-hanging feeling!