Sunday, June 10, 2012

Silver Lining Sunday

I mentioned those crazy storms we had earlier in the week.  Of course, when bad stuff like that happens, there are always the silver lining stories that come about.  One such story that impressed me was the one about this woman who went above and beyond.

Save a baby from a Volkswagen - add it to my bucket list

From her home, she saw the rising waters and hail that were swallowing the traffic, and, realizing that rescue crews wouldn't get there in time, she went out in the middle of it all and started saving people.  When the news did the story on her the next day, she didn't want any special recognition, didn't want her name published or her face shown.  She just wanted people to know that they could do the same.  So she gets silver liningness highlight this week.

It's just nice to see stories like that.  We need breaks from  hearing about face-eating zombies/druggies, shallow political promises, world conflicts, etc.

I also like that she had the presence of mind to strap on that (whiz-bang) flaming bicycle helmet before going out into the hail.

My life was certainly less dramatic this week.  Still, it was another busy one.  I finished up with one tutor student, but then took on another to fill his slot, thereby swapping out a hockey player for a dirt bike racer.  Gotta keep the adrenaline pumping.  I'm not taking ANY more students!  Really!  That said, though, I do like my students and appreciate their business.

So we're settling into summer.  Magnum's got our upcoming road trip planned out pretty well.   It looks good on paper anyway.  We'll see what happens in the "lab".


LL Cool Joe said...

Wow that woman is amazing, and what a cool helmet too. :D It must feel good to save a person's life.

Here in the UK the kids break up from school in about 4 weeks time, we've just had a half term holiday break.

agg79 said...

Some people are born heroes. To put herself in harms way to rescue others - she's definitely aces in my book.

ShadowRun300 said...

Thank goodness there are people like her in the world - quick to jump to action. What a great story! I still can't believe how much hail you all had... should we be packing bike helmets too?

Judy said...

Wow. What an awesome story about that helmeted lady. Love it.

Can't wait to hear how the road trip pans out. We just booked our ski trip for Dec./Jan. tonight. Haven't even taken the summer Disney trip and I'm already moving on to other vacays...not sure what happened to the real Judy, because this gal sure isn't acting like her! HA!

terri said...

Ah, just when I think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, along comes someone with a truly generous spirit. Thanks for sharing that. It's good to hear GOOD news now and then.

Scott said...

Didn't want her name published or her face shown? I must admit, if I did something like that, I'd let the whole world know. That woman has uncommon character--she's a true heroine.

Linda Hensley said...

Yay for people who do the right thing! I like the fact that she didn't do it for the glory, just for helping when people needed help. Nice "shiny" too :)

Rock Chef said...

What a great person! How many would just have stood there and filmed the disaster as it unfolded?

D.Shawnte said...

Wow she definitely is something for risking her life for that child. I probably would have done the same if put in a situation like that :O! Do good to know that there are still heroes in the world ^^.