Thursday, June 28, 2012


Thank you to everyone for the comments, concerns, kind thoughts and words.  They help, they really do.

We're still in our home, and things have been calmer today.  I think that there is now double the amount of fire fighters working the fire as there was two days ago.   I also think extra aircraft have arrived.  The containment has gone from 5% to 10% and all progress is good news.  

So things look to have definitely calmed down as far as threats to the city go.  Constant news channel streaming and police scanner chatter has died down.  The fire continues to move north however.  

As I type this, there are thunderclouds building.  Rain would be great!  Wind and lightning, not so much.  Fire behavior is so dependent on the weather, and we are all hypersensitive to the weather conditions after the "perfect storm" that happened on Tuesday.

We still have grab bags ready to go.  The kids don't think it's necessary anymore, but I tell them to just humor me, so the bags sit.

Prior to Tuesday, there were some people I came into contact with that I didn't think felt the full threat of the fire.  Their comments suggested that they didn't fully understand what the fire crews were up against.  One guy at the community college on Monday, as I was snapping the photo from the parking lot, commented, "Oh, I thought they'd put it out".  What??

Our neighbors and we saw the smoke plume begin on Saturday afternoon and became concerned right away because of how hot and dry it's been and how hot and dry it was forecast to remain.  I remember standing outside , some snapping pictures, some calling friends or relatives that live near the area.   The watching and waiting began.  

Now, after Tuesday, I don't think there are doubts around here about how small we can be.

And, amidst the tragic events, so many people have shown such kindness and care for each other, the evacuees, the fire crews...  YMCA's have made their facilities free for evacuees, our school district has opened the administration building (which is large because it also houses a middle school) for a sort of free day camp as well as offered family counseling, large sport and event centers have made way for sheltering evacuated pets, and the whole community has donated tons of food for the evacuees and fire crews and tons of pet supplies.

So yes, we can be small against a wildfire, but we've got big hearts.  And  I know that that's not true for just my community.

And speaking of bright spots, our family has one rather dark bright spot.  Maybe it's strange timing.  Maybe it's just right.



terri said...

I'm so glad to hear that things have calmed down! Hope you get some good rain!

You got a new cat! He? She? is gorgeous! Congratulations!

agg79 said...

am elated things are a bit less severe. It might be looking up but I think your're not of the woods, yet, but things are definitely looking up. No matter how hard the firefighters battle it, until you get some serious rainfall, it will still be dice. I hope you get some of our rain up there soon. In the meantime, keep your bags packed.

And a new house guest? That don't look like no kitten. Another rescue, perhaps?

Guano said...


Abby said...

Thanks! And "she" has been professionally confirmed a she.

Abby said...

Absolutely right, we can't be too complacent!

And yes, she's a rescue. It seemed a strange time to take her in, knowing we might have to worry about yet another pet to evacuate, but it was that or leave her to the elements.

Abby said...

That name was considered... and quickly squashed! As was "Waldo". Uh Uh, no way.

Anita said...

I like the name "Rain."

May she bring much joy to your family. Hey, there's another name!

I'll be happy for you when you don't have to worry about that fire anymore.

Rock Chef said...

Good to hear that things are starting to settle down - rain would be really welcome right now I am sure!

So you did get a new moggie (cat)! You look very good together!

Duble said...

Just checking on you hope you're still safe

Rebecca S. said...

Just catching up today...and my God! I didn't know you lived in the firestorm. I saw the news yesterday and was really frightened for everyone there. I know what it's like. I grew up in forest fire country, and a couple of years ago nearby Kelowna was hit so badly whole subdivisions burned like in your city. I really hope for the situation to calm down. The cat is lovely and a good distraction, I would think. I would be keeping those bags packed, too, just for a sense of some control, I think. Take care!