Tuesday, May 22, 2012

bad poetry

Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Abby not so much

Something's gone wrong in my foot.  My left foot.  It's not running.  Consequently, the right foot isn't running either.  Bummer.

There's no defining moment of injury that I can tie down.  I have no exciting adventure tale to tell about how it is that something's gone wrong in my foot.  I also don't really know what the injury is.  I did a little surfing online and I've ruled out a metatarsal sprain, but it's possible I have only a week or so to live...

A few weeks ago, I had a little tinge - you know those tinges - of pain on the top of my foot near the toes, but nothing of note.  Then, it was exactly two weeks ago today.  I was out for a run in the morning and the foot was whining.  Made me stop. 

I think I was sabotaged by those dang mail order shoes, remember them?!  They arrived all wrong and I sent them back for a second chance?  I don't think they agreed with my feet.  They are shoes of the devil!  I stopped wearing them a week ago.

So here I am, still in watch-and-wait mode.  I can walk okay and ride the bike and drive the manual-transmission car, it's just running that is a no no. 

And I miss it oh so much  *sniff*.

It's not just the physical exertion I miss.  In fact, I'm filling the time with more biking and boxing than I normally do (seriously, I'm so sore from boxing right now, and I'm not even getting hit!).  But I miss being out in the early morning hours with the other early morning runners.  This is such a nice time of year for that, and I paid my cold, dark dues through the winter damnit!

But I guess I can wait a little longer.

The thing that bugs me though - makes me a little nervous actually - is just not being able to run.  One of the reasons I run aside from "it's fun", is that I just like knowing that I  CAN.  I mean, one never knows when an emergency type situation might arise and running would sure come in handy!

I like knowing that I CAN run relatively far and/or run relatively fast if I ever need to (crossing guard... hello...).  I'm a prepper, what can I say?

Good ju-ju for the foot.  I'm taking donations.


ShadowRun300 said...

You KNOW that I feel your pain! And everything you described is exactly what I miss about running. Right now I am injury free, but 6am shifts kind of put a damper on early morning runs.
I wish I could offer some medical advice. I think you may be right about the shoes. I wonder if maybe you damaged a nerve??
Whatever it is, I am sending good ju-ju your way, and hope that it takes effect soon so you can get out there with your early morning runner friends.
I really am sad for you.... :(

Judy said...

Okay, now I feel guilt for taking the past 2.5 weeks off from running. The upside is that my scrape on my knee is almost completely healed, my back doesn't hurt anymore, and I've mastered slug/snooze behavior between 5:30 and 6:30 each morning.

But, for you, I will CONSIDER a run tomorrow...

agg79 said...

Sending you extra ju-ju from down here. I ain't no expert, but I hope it is just a pinched nerve like SR300 surmises. Lay off the running for a while (I know it is sucks) but you can handle it. You've run enough early trails to earn a break. Change the shoes, get some rest, walk the dog and you'll be back to pounding the trails in a week or two.

D.Shawnte said...

That's really awesome that your taking charge of your physical health and well being. I often times wonder if I could still run fast for in case I just had to some day...I'm not as active or as flexible as I used to be :s.

Rock Chef said...

I can hear those other runners now:

"Yes, she clearly had no commitment - those resolution runners, I don't know..." :-)

Running is a useful skill - for example, when the Zombie plague arrives!

Abby said...

Aw, thanks. And I know you've been in the same place, except I don't even have a cool save-the-soup story!

Abby said...

Hitler mustache all gone too?

Abby said...

Thanks agg, my unprofessional opinion is that it's a ligament thing (as opposed to a bone thing or muscle thing).

Abby said...

Right on both counts, RC!

Abby said...

I bet if you had to you could!

terri said...

I sure hope it's just a minor thing and you're back in a pair of running shoes soon!