Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Confession: I have a violent past.

And present. And future.

Terri has recently been sharing how she's getting her buff on at the gym - the new exercises, the classes, the question of whether to wear or not to wear (underwear)...  Her latest adventure included some boxing action.  More power to her, I say!

Several years ago, I was looking for burn off some energy rather than just play video games enriching activities for the kids.  Martial arts seemed like a good idea.  Chaco and Wolfgang attended a couple of classes at the Y, but they weren't that satisfying.  There was a lot of yelling and standing at attention, but very little "street value" in my opinion.

I'd heard good things about boxing.  It's good exercise, builds both strength and stamina, and helps with self-defense awareness.  Plus, I liked the idea of boxing.  It seemed so "basic" - nothing fancy.  In fact, it's very UN-fancy.  Almost primal. 

I looked around and found a gym that not only trained "real" boxers, but also had classes for kids.  We signed up, and they did twice-a-week (or was it three?) classes for a year.

Meego was too young at the time, so while Chaco and Wolfgang were going through their paces, he and I would hang out in the waiting area. 

And, gee it looked like fun.

So I was paying attention, and I bought some stuff and started playing at home.  I still play at home.  Wanna see my stuff?

I got one of these Wavemasters.  It's not quite the same as a real heavy bag, but it doesn't require any hardware to hang from the ceiling and wreck your house and it can be easily stored out of the way.  This one is actually the second one.  I literally punched the stuffing out of the first one!  When I'm not punching the stuffing out of it, it resides here, in the space between my giga desk and Chaco's corner.

Another must-have is the gloves.  I got mine on the cheap online
Hand wraps can be found pretty easily too.

And that's really it.  See?  Basic. 

And it's fun, but I don't think it's technically "boxing".  I think qualifying as boxing requires that I get hit.

HAHAHAHahaha.... Not gonna happen.  "Primal", not "crazy"!


agg79 said...

I always knew there was a bad a%% lurking in the background just waiting for the opportunity to come out and kick some boo-tay. I'm sure there are days the wavemaster gets some kind of work out. Don't mess with the Xtreme Crossing Guard.

Scott said...

Boxing training is very good for boys. I took boxing training at the Mobile Police Athletic League, when I was in high school. The most important thing I learned is how to throw a punch correctly! I only had to use my skills for self-defense once, but the main thing the boxing training did for me was give me self-confidence. If you know how to fight correctly, you are less likely to have to fight at all. Would-be bullies sense your confidence, and leave you alone.

Rock Chef said...

Now if you are REALLY good, the other person does not get to hit you back...

D.Shawnte said...

*Sigh* I wanna start getting in shape again x.x I used to have nice girly muscles back when I used to do track and aerobics, now i'm just skin and bone :s...

Hope you guys have fun with your new boxing back :3!

terri said...

Oooh, I like that! I attended the boxing class again yesterday and it just reinforced how much I like it. (To be fair though, it's half intense cardio and half boxing. Still, I LOVE the boxing part.) They only have this class on Wednesdays, when I'll soon be bowling summer league. I've been worrying about missing the class. Maybe I should invest in some equipment for at home!

ShadowRun300 said...

I love that it's on a stand and not hanging from the ceiling. We used to have one set up downstairs for the boys, and every time they would use it, it seemed like the whole house shook. I've heard it's great exercise. I think I would like it for the stress relief!

Anita said...

Oh, I miss having a boy!

I need one of those contraptions. Thinking along the lines of Rock Chef - it can't hit me back.