Wednesday, March 21, 2012



included a cold blustery wind to replace our nice spring weather.   A cold blustery wind that buffeted me all during crossing guard morning.  Finally, when I was free to return to the warm indoors, it...

included a butt of a driver who barely missed me as I crossed the street on my way home, who slowed down only after I pointed out the flashing lights as she passed me by.

included me almost wishing she'd  hit me (doing only slight, if any, damage, and keyword being "almost") to serve as a [censored!] wake up call.

included an "aging parents" incident that brought up the helpless feelings.  Again.  And then...

included a guy confronting me in a parking lot over how/where I had parked.


I was wearied by that point.  All this, and it was barely past noon.

The guy was upset and I couldn't believe I was having the conversation.  In the back of my mind, I was wondering if there were candid cameras somewhere.  He didn't seem like a weirdo, and yet he was being ridiculous. 

Eventually, unexpectedly, I managed to show him that he was mistaken.  And, when I should have been pissed off at the whole thing, maybe I was just too tired of it all by that point.  Instead, I offered to help him out.  Maybe he was just havng a crappy day too.

He just got quiet.  He sheepishly apologized.  He actually said, "I'm sorry". 

He said, "I'm sorry". 

To me. 

Turns out, that's all I needed.

The day got better after that.


Judy said...

Sorry your day was bleeeeehhhh, but I'm glad you could find the good in it. That weather made it to our area, too - lows in the 50's! I'm in FLEECE!

ShadowRun300 said...

I was upset for you after the first line - cold and blustery? So sorry!
And for things to just get worse.... ugh... does not make for a very good start to the day.
But how impressive that you got him to apologize. Sometimes you just gotta kill 'em with kindness. Too bad you weren't able to do that for the speeder.

terri said...

You have awesome perspective. How easy would it have been to hold a grudge after everything that happened yesterday? And yet, a couple of simple words and all that resentment melted away.

I'm sorry about all of the bad things that happened yesterday. I'm glad you were able to turn it around.

agg79 said...

Some days, it seems like everyone is on your nerves. Hard not to respond it kind to the idiots around you but you definitely took the high road. Nice how you remained calm and showed him his error and got him to back down and even apologize. Normally, it is hard to get someone to admit they made a mistake and own up to it. I hope tomorrow turns out better.

D.Shawnte said...

Wow! Way to start off a bad day early in the morning! I am really happy that your day ended up going a little better later on. Maybe a simple apology was all that was needed to get your day back in order. An apology for all the crap you went through in the morning hours xD!

Scott said...

It takes a big man to apologize--good that you found one big enough!