Friday, March 16, 2012

the separation

I need to share something.  It's nothing that others haven't gone through, but I know that doesn't make it any less sad. 

It all started out wonderfully with a chance meeting that revealed similar interests and compatible personalities.  Soon, the inseparableness was noticable, everything else was eclipsed,  and each day was another happily anticipated one. 

There were long conversations that went late into the night.  There was the sharing of secrets and hurts that had previously gone unspoken.  The chance meeting blossomed into something special as new memories that will last a lifetime took form.  This was the real thing.  Forever.

Time marched on, however, and the relationship stepped out of the forefront.  Things that would have been shared before just weren't seen as important anymore I guess.  The little tokens and gestures stopped and complacency took their place. 

From there it spiraled.  Not only were feelings no longer shared, but things became purposely hidden.   The rift became wider and was accentuated by sneaking around behind each other's backs, snide remarks, and deceitful actions. 

The complete betrayal was practically inevitable.

Now, the relationship is shattered.  I'm not sure if it can be mended.  I'm just taking it one day at a time.  And sometimes I feel like I'm just a spectator on the side of the road...

Reason number 64 why I don't need TV:
  • Fourth-grade girl crosswalk drama.  *ROLLS  EYES*


  1. Who needs reality t.v. when you've got the real deal right there in the crosswalk?

    4th grade though? Really? Are they starting that young?

  2. This is very sad and is the harsh reality of a lot of relationships these days. Something happens that makes one or both parties want to hide things from each other :o.

    I didn't know kids were dating that young these days o.o. *uses old grandpa voice* Well, back in my day, I was still playing with toys and kid things in 4th grade. I thought the opposite sex had coodies until I reached Highschool xD!

  3. Kids are really aging quickly these days. I taught 4th grade about 15 years ago, and although they were more 'mature' than I probably was, I don't think they had real relationships with boys???
    When my daughter was about 4, she said to me once: "Mom, I like the way that boy looks." What?? At that age she may not have known how to say "He's Hot!", but she was feeling it already. And she had posters of boys on her wall WAY before I ever did. For this reason, I'm glad we live in such a small community. She's 13 and likes boys, but she still prefers to hang out with the girls.

  4. I figured you have your own set of entertainment with all that crosswalk drama. Reason #65: Jersey Shores. Or perhaps Reason #66: Toddlers and Tiaras. You ain't missing anything.

  5. The main drama here is a tiff between two girls...
    over a boy.

    4th grade. It's a jungle.

  6. She might as well learn at an early age....

  7. I remember in grade 3 or 4 the principal coming into our classroom to lay down the law about 'all this girlfriend-boyfriend nonsense'. It starts early in every generation, but only with a certain type of kid, it seems.