Sunday, February 12, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

I'm starting to believe that there might be something to Groundhog Day.  Ever since poor Phil emerged was violently ripped from his cozy den and saw his shadow, we've been having us some winter here. 

Today was no exception when I took China outside for her morning ablutions.  It was pretty enough to snap a picture.

I like having four seasons.  I would miss the changes if they didn't happen.  I love snow and cold and crunching footsteps.  I love visible breath vapor. 

And I also love that here in Colorado we get mild intervals to break things up.  Despite the coldness and breath vaporness and all, this week included some running around on my bicycle.  I have yet to get studded bicycle tires, not because I have no need, but because I'm just lazy so I deal with the icy patches as they come.  I also have yet to wipe out (there I just jinxed myself).  I'm careful not necessarily  to avoid injury but to avoid the humiliation should someone see me crash.  Whatever works.

In a wholly unrelated event, I received a "secret" invitation to join a site called Gothise?  According to the site...

Gothise is a free social network for alternative people (italics mine).  Some say it is a mix of Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.  But it is more!

I went there and researched it extensively for about one minute and 17 seconds.  I don't see what makes it different from these other sites other than the "alternative people".  WHAT is an alternative person?  WHY did I receive an invitation? WHO invited me?

And speaking of new things,  I learned that we have threaded commenting capability here!  I guess it helps to read my blogger buzz.  Anyway, for those who comment here, notice the new format and if you leave a comment, I will reply simply because now, I CAN  :D.


  1. Wow. Love the new comment section.

    Maybe you got the invite from the kids in the alternate school that you've been posting about. How's THAT for Karma?

    Looks cold up there. I hope China doesn't freeze when she goes out. Speaking of China, how come we don't see any sketches of her? Camera shy?

    1. Oooh, I like the suggestion of a China sketch! It looks to be a good day for it, stay tuned...

  2. I love the new commenting format! Woohoo!

    Also about snow, I live in California and I've only seen it snow at my house once. Like physically snow. From my understanding, it snows in my part of California only about once every 80 or so years. I would love to see more snow in the future xD.

    There are so many social network sites, I don't really see the difference between all these new ones and facebook, besides the slightly different interface.

    1. I will admit that by late March/early April, I'm usually ready to be done with snow.

  3. Oh crud - how can I do that with my comments? I'm on blogger, too...

    By the way - we had SLEET here this morning - very light, nothing on the ground, but it dipped to 27 degrees last night and might make it to 40 today. See? Texas winter! All in one day! Back to our schlitterworld by the end of the week!

    1. Heck, Judy. You want me to remember how I changed the comments?? I think you go to comments > settings > then switch from "pop up window" to "embed"... something like that. You're a smart girl, you'll figure it out.

      27?! Weren't you just running around in flip flops a couple of weeks ago?

  4. Your snow is pretty. I can't believe I'm saying this, but we've had so very little snow that I actually sort of miss it! A fresh snow is fun and exciting. Right now, everything is just dead and frozen and brown.

    WordPress has the comment thread thing, and they make it even easier by letting you reply from your email. But I'm bad about replying. It's hard to keep up sometimes when I should be ... oh, I don't know ... working or something. :-)

  5. It's fun to be able to reply, isn't it? :)I'm impressed you figured it out. I get so frustrated sometimes trying to figure out wordpress, especially the picture placement. So good job!
    Everyone's winters seem to be a little off. They're calling for snow around here tomorrow. In these parts, though, you just never know, so thanks for showing your pretty snow!