Monday, January 9, 2012

yeah... about that

I've kind of, sort of, but not really been wanting to blog a little more in depth about my recent search for and subsequent sessions with a life coach.  The short version is that I'm at the start of a transition phase of life and I don't want to screw it up.

The longer version begins with the fact that my kids are getting older and less dependent on me.  This is a good thing and one of my main goals as a parent.  At the same time, though, I have identified as being a "young mom" for so many years that I'm a little at a loss to know what to do next.  It's not that I have no  interest in anything else.  In fact, it's more the opposite.  I have so MANY diverse interests and I don't know which to pursue - and that "young" piece is becoming a "not so..."

So I wanted to get a handle on this, knowing that I do still have a few more years to get to a new place.  I didn't want to find myself in an empty nest with no plan.  This is, in a sense, an impending retirement for me - from a job that I've loved - and so a tough act to follow.

This life coach thing... it was really something new for me.  I've mentioned before how my first investigations into it just overwhelmed me with the sheer number of life coaches in the world.  So I got very very very specific with my search words - so specific, I can't even remember what they were.  But I'm pretty sure that "transition" was in there and "feeling stuck" and probably "meaning" too.

In the meantime, I researched to find others' experiences with life coaches.  I remember one guy who said he'd worked with a coach on two separate occassions in his life (so far).   Each time, he'd spent six months.  Six months?  What did they talk about for six months??  Overall, the experiences I read about were positive.  Certainly there are many different types of coaches from different backgrounds, but they also all seemed to follow some fundamental practices.

After visiting a few of the sites that popped up from my very very specific specific search, I contacted one for a free consultation.  Most of them offer this.  Also, like my coach, many will handle sessions via skype or over the phone.

I will admit that I was, at first, a little braced for a sales pitch.  But this coach didn't come off that way at all.  I felt that she could help me, but at the same time, our free consultation was never pushy.  I just got the impression that she truly wanted to help people who were "stuck" while "in transition" and looking for "meaning", etc...

Also, during that first consultation is where I learned that she was an actress celebrity.  This was actually relevent to what we were discussing, it wasn't just, "Hi, my name is Coach and I'm also an actress celebrity (so be in total awe, little person)".  Despite her fame, I found her to be very easy going and approachable. 

I didn't consult with any other coaches.  I hired her.

To be continued...


Anita said...

I recognize some of your feelings, but won't advise. I'm much more interested in what the life coach has to say! She's the pro. :)

I know this is serious, however, I hope it will fun-serious. You "must" continue to share.

Abby said...

Hmmm... a nudge to continue to share from the one who got me to tell the condom wrapper story!

CiCi said...

I do like how you approach your life decisions. And searching until you found the person you were comfortable with also a smart move.
I am now looking forward to learning more about the actual coaching part.

terri said...

There's a condom wrapper story? Did you blog that?

I wish I'd had the same foresight as you as I headed toward the empty nest stage. (I always say I have an empty nest. It's not REALLY empty, but close enough, I guess.) I watched myself going there and all I could do was brace myself. I tried to embrace all of the last moments of the kids' school days, but behind it all was this immense sadness at leaving it behind, and no plan for the future. Of course, you know I'm doing just fine now. Just wish I'd navigated those waters with some sort of plan.

Good for you for doing this! I can see what a good thing it's been.

Abby said...

Terri - absoloodle I did:
And I know your transition was difficult. You're a good mom, I'm glad you're in a happy place.

Anita said...

Okay, so I'm a little nosey.

Oops, did I say nosey...I meant curious. Add caring and concerned, too. :)

I'lllll be waiting.

Anonymous said...

I have at least 5 years before I transition into an empty nester, so I plan to use you all as my life coaches. I'm really looking forward to finding out who your coach is, and what she has to say!
But right now I have a condom wrapper story to read.....

Jenn and Casey said...

Interesting! I look forward to hearing more about how this went/is going for you!

agg79 said...

We just passed through the empty nest phase and we are entering into the "my kids about the be married" phase. It does really change your perspective to lose a job/role you love. On one hand you will miss the activity and regular lifestyle it affords, on the other hand, it is almost like getting out of the house the first time. All that free time and disposable income!

Good luck on your hunt to find a good life coach. I hope you hit it off with the celebrity coach.