Thursday, January 12, 2012

post partum

I was talking with a friend of mine today.  She had some news.

"Oh, MAN, I thought I was gonna DIE!", she shared.  "The pain - I wanted an epidural!  But they wouldn't give me one!"

"Really?", I said, amused at her experience.  "I kind of actually LIKED the pain.  It kept me present with the whole process, y'know?"

"Forgeddabout!  I didn't feel a need to be present.  I just wanted to see my prize at the end.  You actually LIKED the pain?!", she replied.

"Yeah.  I did.  I'm sorry it wasn't the same for you."  I told her.

"I don't know.  I remember you'd told me that it wasn't that bad.  That was part of my decision to go through with this.  But I'm happy with how it all turned out, I don't know if I could do it again, though."  She debated.

"Again?", I asked.  "You're thinking of another one?"

"Oh GAWD, I can't even think about that yet!  I'm so sore.  I hope my husband doesn't mind, but I don't even want him touching me right now!"


Yep, she got herself that tattoo she'd been pondering for some time.  A while ago she asked me for a referral to the place that did mine.  Have I ever shown it here? 

With such "body modification" - tattoos, piercings, etc. - there seems to be two main camps. Those that love it, and in fact, may even be addicted; and those that think it's just wrong/stupid/don't get it.

I can't speak for everyone with a tattoo, but for me I'd say I wanted mine as a means of self-expression mixed with a bit of rebellion? I did some research, found a good clean shop with an original artist who would design something based on my preferences. I'm happy with how it turned out. I basically wanted something "pretty" and I think I got that, but it's also got a bit of a wild edge to it that I like.

And I'm done.  I had one thing in mind, got it done, the end.

And yes, it does hurt, but it's kind of a "hurts so good" kinda thing.   Really.



terri said...

I've always sort of wanted one. Nothing real obvious. Nothing to make a statement. Just something, somewhere that I would know about and could maybe show others.

The biggest thing holding me back is that there's nothing I'm passionate about tattooing on my body. Drives me nuts when I see grown women with cartoon characters just randomly tossed on various body parts.

And I'll be honest. I worry that I won't handle the pain and would have to cut it short. I've had three babies. I've had surgery and incisions made in my abdomen. But I still worry I can't handle it. But since I have nothing in mind for an image, I guess I don't have to worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! :) I would like a little tattoo as well, but my husband is pretty against it. And since I'm not absolutely set on getting one, I will probably honor his wishes... (nevermind the fact that I'm a little afraid of the pain...despite having 4 children with no epidurals...)(not necessarily my decision btw)

Rock Chef said...

Wonderfully written!

I don't have anything like this (I am one who just doesn't get it), but my younger brother has enough for the whole family :-)

I rather like yours - very tasteful if I may say so!

Guano said...

Pleasure >>fine line here<< Pain

CiCi said...

Yours is awesome. Yes, a little edge is good. Mine I drew myself and I can only see it if I turn around to see my back side in the mirror.

agg79 said...

I liked your tattoo when you got it. Classy with a bit of an edge. I've always wanted a tattoo but haven't really gotten up the nerve or inclination for it. Someday I may take the leap like you did.