Sunday, December 18, 2011

Silver Liningness

Welcome to another episode of Silver Lining Sunday.  Yeesh, just one more week until Christmas?!

Despite the sparseness of decorations (with the exception of some paper snowflakes that Meego made 5 years ago and we just never removed), at least I've got all my shopping done.  And it was relatively painless.

I continue to move up from "rookie" at the cops.  There's quite a bit to learn, but I think I'm a pretty quick study.  The other volunteer who is training me is coming in extra to do that, so I'm motivated to get up to line speed. 

I'm actually a bit surprised at the amount of information and responsibility we peon volunteers are privy to - I guess that explains the 3 months of background check.  This past week, our supervisor was getting my desktop all set up with the proper database shortcuts, and at one point she looked at me and said, in a hushed voice, "Isn't it amazing all the information we have?"  I was all, "You're telling ME??".  It often feels like a paid job, then I remember *DRAT*, it's not.  But everyone I've met so far is friendly and seems to really enjoy their work, so I take that as a good sign. 

Chaco, our resident IT department, is competing on his high school's  Cyber Patriot team.  He seems to enjoy it and be good at it.  There was another round of competition yesterday, and that was enough to get him - a teenager -  into bed by 10:30 on Friday night and up by 6:00 Saturday morning.  I was up  yesterday morning too, to go for a run, so Chaco and I had some nice quiet Who-Are-You-And-What-Have-You-Done-With-Chaco? time. 

Magnum and I watched Castaway on the Moon.  Ever since Netflix went through their transformation, we only have instant-play available from them.  It's been nice because we end up seeing these movies we've never heard of and would probably have missed.  "Castaway on the Moon" is one.

I will admit that, in the beginning, I wasn't getting into it.  I was considering bailing and looking for something else, but ended up nodding off instead.  Maybe it spoke to me subliminally, because when I came around a few minutes later, I was really into the movie and ended up enjoying it a bunch.  5 black bean noodles out of 5.



CiCi said...

I added the movie to my Netflix queue.

Since I am pretty new to your blog, I did not know your volunteer status. Sounds interesting. I think I need to read some of your earlier posts and get to know about you.

terri said...

Sounds like your volunteer gig is going to be plenty interesting. Nice!

It's always fun to have a little extra one-on-one with the teenagers who rarely communicate with you, isn't it?

Checked out the review of Castaway on the Moon. Sounds like a good one that probably won't ever get watched in our house since I'm presuming it is subtitled and the hubs would never go for it.

Linda Hensley said...

When I had Netflix and all those movies to watch, somehow I kept watching documentaries, usually really depresssing WWII things. At some point I decided Netflix was depressing. Maybe if I tried again I could get into sci-fi instead? Loved going through your recent posts :)