Saturday, December 3, 2011

moving forward looking back

Here we are in December and I'm looking ahead to the New Year.  Don't assume that, because I said that, that my Christmas is in the bag.  It most certainly is NOT (as in, I've done nothing), but I'm avoiding that little detail.

No, I thought I would take a moment now to reflect on my resolutions I made for this year.  Did I make any?  As per usual, I made some and then promptly forgot what they were.  Thank goodness for blog archives.  I dug around and found some:

I will gain weight.
According to last year's list, I was looking to make my arms "a little less noodly".  Beings that I took no measurements whatsoever, I have no idea if their dimensions have changed from thin spaghetti to regular spaghetti.  I have been sticking to my strengthening regimen, however,  and I am, among other things, up to a whopping 8 pullups (on a good day).  Not to mention, I wield a mean crossing guard stop sign.  I'm checking that one off as Done!

I will drink more.
This was made in relation to my and Magnum's wine drinking program of a glass a day.  I don't even remember what, but supposedly there's health benefit in drinking a glass of red wine a day.  I think we've done it, but it's all a little foggy...

I will work harder, not smarter.
This time last year, I was teaching classroom classes, online classes, and filling in the blanks with tutoring sessions - all of which made family time pretty sparse.  The pay was good, but I was burnt out.  I left that place.  Today I've got more control over my teaching schedule and the crossing guard moonlighting is a nice and easy income trickle.  This was probably the resolution I did the best at.  Yay me.

I will volunteer less.
I enjoy volunteering, and I'm grateful that I have the option to help out for free.  This resolution was made with specific focus on my elementary school volunteering.  I'd been doing that since Chaco was in kindergarten and was ready to call it a stint after Meego's last year.  I'm happy to say that I found worthy suckers for both my positions as PTO treasurer and Run With Lumber chair.  That said, I do still have 4 large boxes of Run With Lumber crap taking up space in my house.  I give myself until the end of the month to offload them!

Okay then!  I'm satisfied with my resolution report card.  Nothing too daunting there.  Now to think up some new ones for 2012 to promptly forget until next year about this time.


Jenn and Casey said...

Glad you were able to follow through on your goals!!! :) Can't wait to see your list for 2012!

Cindy D. said...

Terrific! Wow, I need to learn to do like, 2 pullups. Great job arranging your priorities. :)

terri said...

I think you may be the only person I've even known who has resolved to GAIN weight and has been happy to do so!

agg79 said...

"I will gain weight" That reminds me why I envy you guys. At 54+, I am fighting off the demons of old age and each pound added seems to be harder to eliminate. I've got the "drink more" goal down as well as the "volunteer less" but that doesn't seem to help. Good idea to start looking towards 2012 before all the holly and mistletoe kick in.