Wednesday, November 30, 2011

without a trace

Somber times here at the AbbyNormal household...

Our cat has gone missing.

Cookie has been in the family for over 12 years, so he's been here longer than Meego.  We freed him as a trapped stray, and he followed us home and has been with us ever since.  Being the cat that he is, he's always had his own agenda - coming and going as he pleases. 

Sometime Monday evening, we surmise that he went out.  Nobody remembers seeing him since.  A somewhat eerie twist is that I took a photo of him with Chaco shortly before he went missing.

There was just something about the image of the two of them sitting there in The Corner in the glow of the computer monitor that struck me, so I snapped a quick spontaneous photo. 

So we've searched all of his usual hangouts, and searched a few unusual hangouts, but still no sign of him.  Wolfgang and I even paid a visit to the Humane Society last evening.  Dang, there are a LOT of cats at that place!  None of them was Cookie, however. 

It was my first visit to our local Humane Society, and I know they sometimes get a bad rap from other Rescue groups because they do occassionally put animals that aren't adopted in a timely manner to sleep.  But I found the place quite warm and caring.  If I hadn't committed all of my volunteer availability to the Po-Po, I'd look into volunteering there.

But honestly, I didn't expect to find him.  He's too smart and too careful to end up at the Humane Society. 

And that's what makes this such a mystery.


Rock Chef said...

Hope you find him soon - it is a terrible worry when pets go like that. My mom's cat (also a stray who moved in with her) vanished for a couple of days in the summer. We think he got in a fight (and lost) and hid up for a while until he felt save again.

terri said...

It's such a terrible feeling when one of the furry family members is lost. I've had the experience a time or two.

I guess you can only hope he finds his way home again, if he is able.

Hoping for a homecoming for Cookie...

Jenn and Casey said...

Aww! Hope you find him soon!

agg79 said...

I hope you find Cookie soon. Cats are way more independent than their canine counterparts and have a way of disappearing for a while and turning up when they are good and ready. Perhaps he is out working off all that turkey/tryptophan. My sister-in-law was distraught over when two of her cats disappeared Sunday. One showed up yesterday like nothing was wrong, we are still looking for number two. Good luck and keep your eyes open for Cookie and I hope he heads home soon.

Slamdunk said...

I hope Cookie returns. That must be difficult.

Rebecca S. said...

Poor Cookie, poor family. I hope he returns...sniff!