Thursday, November 3, 2011

snow day

Okay, mark the calendars.  Yesterday  gets credit for being the first snowday of the school year.  I holed up in the house with the 3 kids as long as I could take it. 

Did I ever mention that Chaco built himself a computer?  For his birthday last year, he asked for some cash to purchase parts for this Frankensteinian computer.  He ordered the various components, assembled them, and now the two of them share a happy existence in what we all lovingly refer to as "The Corner".

My computer (well, technically it's my and Magnum's computer, but come on...) sits just a few feet away from The Corner.  It's on my gigadesk - my happy island drifting about in The Mancave.  I blog here, I paint here, I draw here, I shop here, I'm a girl here.  This is Girl Island in the country of Mancave.

BUT Chaco has some wonderfully deep, highly resonant, obnoxiously beastly, abhorrently foul, impressively balanced speakers in The Corner.  I love them when he streams music through them.  When he plays computer games?  Not so much.  Machine gun fire, explosions, yelling and swearing - all in beautifully clangorous surround sound.

Snow day became blow-stuff-up day.  Even with him sleeping in and the frequent breaks I forced him to take through threats of eviction, the battlefield was taking a toll on me and my sanctuary.  I found solace in hot beverages and a chilly arctic trek with the crazy dog.

Today is quiet again.  It feels almost sad at how quiet it is.

Just kidding.


Rock Chef said...

My son talked abuot building a PC, but decided to just buy a real monster instead. It is wonderful...

Enjoy the snow - it is raining here in England :-(

kathryn mays said...

The first snow day! I remember them well with my kids (who are now 30 years old to 19). I have 5 kids. But when my younger 2 were home we had a stretch of 4 days off of school in a row, then a weekend because of snow! And the computer was running non stop. Quiet is good sometimes. Funny though, now that they're grown up I miss some chaos.

Guano said...

Frankomputer. Cool.
Needs neck bolts.

terri said...

You've had your first snow day and all we are doing here is speculating on how this winter is predicted to be as bad as last winter. How bad could it have been? We didn't have a snow day in October!