Sunday, November 13, 2011

Silver Liningness

Happy Sunday and time for a little silver liningness of the week just past.  First of all, though, yesterday was ridiculously windy around here.  If I believed there was an actual place as hell (which I don't),  I'd say that along with the fires, there's obnoxious wind there too.  BUT, in true silver liningness form... our yard doesn't have as many leaves needing raking anymore :).

And despite the hellacious winds, we went to an Air Force football game yesterday.  It was sunny out and not particularly cold.  Disappointingly, because of the high winds, the fly-overs were cancelled.  And the live falcon demonstration which usually looks like the image on the left was replaced by a substitute live falcon demonstration, featuring the "live falcon" on the right.  It was silly stupid fun, and I for one have a deep appreciation for silly stupid fun.  (Note:  I don't particularly care for watching football or sports in general, I go to these things for the sideshows.).

I got out my yoga mat this week for the first time in a long time.  Oh... I attempted some yoga with it too.  It's been a while.  And I'm reading a book recommended by the get-a-life coach.  Our library had it and it's a pretty good book to ponder, so I'm thankful for both the coach and the library. 

Ms. Coach also turned me onto this channel. It was vaguely familiar, but I'd never watched any of the presentations before, and I've learned that there are several worth watching.  I was watching one last night, thinking myself all in-the-know, when Wolfgang the 11th grader noted that one of his classes watches presentations from this channel quite frequently.   Okay, so I'm as in-the-know as an 11th grader.  I'll take it.

We watched a nice movie too.  Little Big Soldier wasn't really what I expected it to be.  First of all, it's Jackie Chan.  Also, it's in Mandarin Chinese, so there's reading required, which doesn't bother me.  I expected just goofiness and some older-Jackie-Chan martial arts stuff, and there was that, but it's also a very touching story.  And the scenery of ancient China is beautiful.  Go see!

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agg79 said...

Hey, come get your leaves out of my front yard.

I have always liked Jackie Chan movies, although some have wandered off into the kinda dumb/corny corner. Still, it is always fun to watch him go all kung-fu over someone. And who needs a dialog when you can read subtitles?