Tuesday, October 18, 2011

updates in haiku

Thirty-four degrees
The windpants, the gloves, the hat
Running in the dark.


Fish still upside down
Feeding peas every day
Weird creatures they are.


Each day it reminds
Of the popcorn left too long
New microwave, please. *

*wasn't my fault....


Judy said...

sixty-four degrees
and I thought that was awful
How do you do that???

agg79 said...

I'm with Judy. Sixty-four sounds downright balmy. And your goldfish are still gassy?

terri said...

I don't know why, but I find the asterisked "wasn't my fault" to be hysterical and it is cracking me up.

I would have expressed my sentiments in Haiku, but... well, I'm just lazy tonight.

Kim said...

Love haiku. A bowl of baking soda left in the closed microwave for a couple days worked for me.

Anita said...

I like your haiku. Good 17 syllable stories. I should try it. :)

kathryn mays said...

I love haiku! you've inspired me to post some of mine. Abby, I live in northern Mi and can totally relate to the cold temps. It's just the beginning of another six months!