Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silver Liningness

Whoop, it's Tuesday, I'm falling off the silver liningness bandwagon already.  Well, there's no "rule" that says I can only be thankful on Sunday...

The clutch crapped out on the car.  Boo.  It wasn’t too major, though.  Less than $200 to fix it, so for THAT I’m grateful, on a 13-year-old car.

Things are going well on the workfront.  I love being able to more or less decide how much I will work and won’t work.  And it’s interesting.  One of  my students is probably THE best girl basketball player in the city.  And she’s nice too – not all full of herself, as can sometimes happen.

As for the proofreader, she does seem nice.  I didn’t mean to dis her, to make it look like she’s a liar.  I think she’s just being conscientious about her work and wants to do it correctly.  For all I know, her boss knows she’s working with a tutor to improve her editing skills, (I just get the impression, though, that she hasn’t revealed that).   The end goal is for her to fly solo.
A nice man used my school crossing this morning.  He told me, "You've got one of the best jobs at that school".  At first, I thought he was referring to the fact that I get to be outside, with nice views of the mountains and all.  Then he went on to say, "Someone's kid gets hit by a car on this road, they'll painfully remember that until the day they die".  Gave me a lump in the throat.  I know it doesn't take much brainpower to be a crossing guard, and we sometimes joke about my Spongebob Hall Monitor resemblence, but it's nice to be appreciated. 

And the cops continue to watch my back, but this morning's shenanigans deserve their own post. 


agg79 said...

No job is unimportant. I think you are doing a fantabulous job insuring the safety of the kids. Besides, your ought to ponder this: You may be the first smiling face they see on their way to school and the last one they see after a long day in class.

Oh, sure, not everyone can pull off the orange vest uniform, but you do it with class.

Hold on to that 13 year old car. Meego needs something to strive for.

terri said...

We're allowed to be thankful every day of the week??? I have to work on that!

I've always thought that your tutoring work seemed rewarding. It's good that you get to meet genuine people in the process too.

And your crossing guard job? Definitely one of the more important jobs at the school. You've described the intersection and it sure doesn't sound like the safest place. You're taking care of bunches of other peoples' kids every day. I hope they stop to realize how grateful they should be to you.

Anita said...

Inspiring post.