Thursday, September 15, 2011

thoughts of Fred Flintstone

Last week, this kid who's been hanging around the house asked me to take him to buy bowling shoes.  Why would I do that?  I guess I did it because he claims to be Chaco and he looks like Chaco, so I just went with it.

Oh sure, Chaco's been bowling before.  We've gone bowling sporadically since he was strong enough to heft a real bowling ball.  Personally, I rather suck at it, but find it oddly enjoyable.  It's just something to do on a rainy / snowy / sweltering hot / otherwise boring day.  So when he announced that he's joined the bowling intramural club or whatever it is at school, it wasn't entirely weird.  And actually, I was glad that he's got another diversion aside from video games to fill his veering-towards-one-dimensional recreative time. 

So we went out and got the shoes, the ball, the bag for shoes and ball.  And he's bowling.  To be honest, I think part of this is about driving.  He has a license.  He wants to drive.  He has no car.  He gets to drive when he's running an errand for ME or Magnum, but that's about it other than obligatory school stuff.  AHA!  Remedy:  Join a club that requires one to drive somewhere. 

But, he is actually doing it, not just driving to it.  Last Saturday, he and a friend went bowling.  He stayed the night at friends house, came home Sunday afternoon and declared that we should go bowling.  I was deeply engrossed in laundry duty at the time, and bowling sounded like a nice alternative, so we rallied other interested parties and the whole fam went bowling.

We bowled, I sucked as usual, it was fun.

Earlier this week, I caught him practicing his approach in the Man Cave.  This was disconcerting because my Giga Desk is in the corner of the Man Cave.  Just don't let go of that ball in the house, I says.  Of course not, he says. 

Bowling.  I just keep being reminded of Fred Flintstone.



Judy said...

Okay, let me just point out to you that, year after year, OODLES of scholarship money for college goes unused for BOWLING SCHOLARSHIPS. I do NOT lie. This is the gospel truth. I have a friend who has her four year old in bowling lessons so that he can play until college and get a ride for free with the bowling. No joke. Look into it.

Anita said...

I think the family, especially Chaco, should yell "Yabba Dabba Doo" when throwing the ball down the bowling lane, or when practicing in the man cave. It could really add to the game! :)

terri said...

Bowling is a largely under-appreciated sport. Knowing my love for the game, it won't surprise you that I'm THRILLED that one of your kids has developed an interest! Hope he has fun with it and that he carries on with it long after his high school days.

Guano said...

If part of his approach involves "twinkle-toeing" on his tippy toes, he's definitely got the Flintstone delivery.
Sidenote: What's the most germ-infested public encounter? Not public bathrooms, not rental bowling shoes, not pedicure salons, not even hot tubs.

Bowling ball holes.