Monday, September 5, 2011


I was contemplating my faceb**k friend list.  I'd say it breaks down to three main categories:  People I Grew Up With, People I've Worked or Gone to School With, and People I've Met Through Blogging.

Of that last group, I count some close friends, and I've never even met them personally!  Allow me to feature one here today.

It's been a while since I've blogged anything about the Asperger Syndrome world, but yes, we still happily live there.

A few years ago, probably not long after Magnum was diagnosed (i.e. we got a name for his weirdness), I met a fellow Asperger wife and blogger, Maureen.  And look at her now!  She's all growed up and recently published a book!

  Loving the Tasmanian Devil - Reflections on Marriage and Asperger Syndrome
Loving the Tasmanian Devil - Reflections on Marriage and Asperger Syndrome  ... which I recently bought and have begun reading.

A few years ago, as I surfed around, I found plenty of resources.  Much of it was meant for parents of Asperger kids.  There were a few dry and clinical sites for spouses and adults.  And there were a few spousal voices that were  just  ongoing b*tch sessions (yes, typically it's the wife who is the non-Asperger spouse), often by ex-wives or wannabe ex-wives. 

This was not helpful to me.

Then one day, I don't remember how exactly, Maureen and I cyber-bumped into each other.  It was probably at some time when she or I was b*tching about/laughing at/ enjoying our respective Asperger husbands online and we noticed a kinship.

To my delight, she wasn't wallowing in self-pity like others' blogs I'd read.  She was soldiering on, staying with her Asperger husband,  raising her three boys (Kinship?  Remember?) , living on a dairy farm, and blogging with an intelligence mixed with a good good dose of humor sense. 

It was like a breath of fresh air after a traffic jam.

And now I'm reading her book.  It's sitting right her next to me as I type.  My name is even mentioned, ever so briefly, but to me it makes me feel special. 

She dedicates the book to her husband, who as he reminds her, is responsible for her writing the book in the first place. 

So I can thank Magnum who, in his weirdness, introduced me to Maureen.


terri said...

See? This is the kind of thing I just love about blogging. For those who don't understand our need to blog, they will never know or understand the amazing experiences and connections that are to be made. Their loss.

I'm so happy for you that you found a kindred spirit with whom to share your humor/b*tching/whatever about dealing with Aspergers. Any challenge is easier when shared with a friend.

agg79 said...

That is one of the good things about all this technology and communications - you can find kindred spirits from around the world (or just down the street). It is good that you can share your thoughts/story/feelings with others without them judging or critizing you.

LauraBelle said...

I think this is wonderful! I've been so very blessed to have made some great 'on-line' friends as well who decided to truly be friends even with my 'quirks' ... speaking of, I do recall ever so long ago a few passed words regarding Aspergers. My Kody being diagnosed such. You give me hope in that one day maybe Kody will be able to find someone who'll love him like you do your hubby ... hope is a good thing! I'll have to go look for that book now! ♥